Christmas and new Year are among the most famous holidays for a many people. Heritages related to this holidays may vary in different countries. Today we are going to tell you how to great Merry Christmas and also a Happy brand-new Year in Russian and also how to celebrate these holidays.

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How to wish Merry Christmas?

In order to wish Merry Christmas you should use the adhering to Russian phrases:

«С Рождеством» or «Счастливого Рождества» < Schas – lI – vo -va Ra zh – dest – vA > “Merry Christmas”.

To answer you must say:

«И Вас также» “You, too” – formally;«И тебя также» “You, too” – informally.


How perform Catholics and also Lutherans storage Christmas?

Christmas has a really rich spiritual and civil legacy in the Catholic and Lutheran cultures. This is critical holiday when all the family members members gather for a festive dinner. On this day world eat fish and vegetable key as, follow to the spiritual traditions, you deserve to start eat meat only after the finish of the Lent ~ above December 25.

In the morning on December 25 civilization give presents to every other. The is very often that on this particular day all members the the prolonged family come with each other for dinner and on this day world can eat everything they want.


How carry out the Russian Orthodox memory Christmas?

For the Russian Orthodox, Christmas is a religious festival therefore they memory it among the congregation. Orthodox Christmas does not autumn on the exact same day together the Catholic one and also it is celebrated on January 7. The Russian Orthodox Church

For Christmas dinner Russians eat just Lenten dishes, salads, fish, and also various type of soups. In some regions they eat the red borsch for Christmas dinner.

The Russian orthodox offer presents to each various other on a new Year Day, no on Christmas Day.

New Year


How to say Happy new year in Russian?

Russians speak “Happy brand-new year” before the new Year comes. In the Russian language over there is a one-of-a-kind phrase:

«С наступающим» “the upcoming”.

You have the right to hear this phrase almost everywhere a few days before the new Year. You have the right to say this expression to people you know and to those you nothing know. Because that example, you have the right to say it come a shop assistant if paying for the stuff you have bought.

On the day world say come each various other the adhering to phrases:

«С новым годом» “Happy brand-new year!”. ‎ castle often add «с новым счастьем» “Ne pleasure coming too!”;«Счастливого нового года» “Happy new year!”

To reply you have the right to use the very same phrases that you usage to reply for Christmas wishes.

By the way, if friend don’t have actually a possibility to wish someone Happy brand-new year ~ above the new year day, you have the right to do the after the new year saying:

«С прошедшим» “Happy belated!”

How do human being celebrate brand-new Year?

New Year is among the most renowned festivals in Latvia the is celebrated everywhere. Unlike Christmas, that not just a family members festival. Top top the last day of December large groups of friend come together to celebrate the very first day that the brand-new Year.

The festival commonly lasts for the totality night. ~ the midnight people go to the city centre to watch the fireworks, and also they may continue to storage the brand-new Year till the morning.

At midnight human being drink champagne, and there should be tangerines ~ above the table.

After the midnight Russian likewise give gift to every other.


An amazing fact: we have actually not only two Christmas but additionally two new years. The an initial one – official, top top January 1, and also the 2nd one – unofficial commemorated on January 14. The tradition appeared in 1918 when Russia transferred to the Gregorian calendar which was 13 work “ahead” the the Julian calendar provided in Russian at that time. During the Soviet duration this tradition spread among other human being residing on the USSR territory.

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Now you understand what to expect of the winter festivals if you space in Latvia, and also you know just how to say funny Christmas and a happy new Year in Russian to your colleagues, friends and host family.