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"Pop Bottles" is the very first single native Birdman"s 3rd studio album, 5 * Stunna. The track functions rapper Lil Wayne. The track additionally samples Jadakiss"s song "Put Ya hands Up." He also makes a cameo appearance in the music video. The song has since sold over 3,690,000 copies. In the music video for the song, Birdman and Lil Wayne are illustrated playing basketball, in a video game entitled "Popping Bottles". Jadakiss and Young Money Entertainment"s T-Streets and Mack Maine make cameos in the video clip along through Cash Money Records" all Star Cashville Prince and also Brisco. Much more »

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Okay we poppin" champagne favor we won a championship gameLook like I acquired on a championship ringCause I ball hard, no bitch we round harderI am the Birdman, and also I"m the J.R-ahOkay begin with straight shots and then pop bottlesPour the on the models, "shut up bitch, swallow!"If you can"t swallow, shut increase bitch gargleStraight up the end that water v my Marc Jacobs gogglesFresher than a mother fucker, yep I"m a mom fuckerNo ns won"t take her girl, however I"ll sure take her tongue native herCan"t girlfriend tell I"m in love woman, favor no other womanOh I"m i m really sorry sweetheart, I assumed you to be my other womanOkay us poppin" champagne favor we won a championship gameLook like I gained on a championship ringCause I sphere hard, no bitch we sphere harderI am the Birdman, and I"m the J.R-ahAs ns recline behind mine deskI ain"t gained a many Nikes but I gained a most checksGot my very own shoe brand, new on the setWent from sittin" in a cell to sittin" top top a jetFrom shittin" in a cell to shittin" ~ above a jetI lost too numerous friends, but I winner too countless betsI do too lot money, yet I ain"t make enough yetSo ns scratched and, yes, Jr. Is the bestSo countless niggas from my hood on castle backSo numerous niggas from her hood on they backThat"s why we so paid and also it be like thatI"d rather pop a bottle prior to I popular music a GatOkay we poppin" champagne like we won a championship gameLook prefer I got on a championship ringCause I round hard, no bitch we round harderI am the Birdman, and also I"m the J.R-ahYeah only sipping red champagneWhite tee red hat red bandannaUptown, choppers for companionsFuckin" v the Birdman then we f*ck up your companionFuckin" v my son and also we run up in your mansionChopper make music, bitch start dancin"Stunna man back so you understand the circumstancesAnd I"m cookin" up the Carter 3, no advancesAll my cars automated, automaticNo lie us don"t even drive no AstonsUptown us packin" and also we stackin"Young Money, Cash Money we the champions

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Birdman Bryan Williams (born February 15, 1969), far better known by his stage name Birdman or Baby, is an American rapper, businessman, and also record producer. More »