“Superman” is the 3rd song on five for Fighting’s sophomore album, America Town.It ended up being a vast radio struggle after the horrific 9/11 attacks. The peaked in ~ #14 on Billboard’s… read More 

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I can't was standing to flyI'm not that naïveI'm simply out to findThe better part that meI'm much more than a bird, I'm more than a planeI'm an ext than part pretty confront beside a trainIt's not easy to it is in meI wish the I could cryFall upon mine kneesFind a method to lie'Bout a house I'll never ever seeIt may sound absurd yet don't be naïveEven heroes deserve to bleedI might be disturbed however won’t friend concedeEven Heroes have the right to dreamAnd it's not simple to it is in meUp, up and away, away from meWell, it's alrightYou can all sleep sound tonightI'm no crazy or anythingI can't was standing to flyI'm not that naïveMen weren't expected to rideWith clouds between their knees
I'm just a guy in a stunner red sheetDigging because that kryptonite top top this one way streetOnly a guy in a funny red sheetLooking for special points inside the meInside that me, inside of meInside of me, inside of meI’m only a male in a funny red sheetI’m just a man in search of her dreamI’m just a guy in a funny red sheetIt's no easyIt's not straightforward to it is in me
“Superman” is the third song on five for Fighting’s sophomore album, America Town.

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It became a substantial radio fight after the horrific 9/11 attacks. That peaked at #14 ~ above Billboard’s hot 100, and also was nominated because that a Grammy in 2002.

The track was featured in an illustration of Smallville, which chronicled the life of a young Clark Kent/Superman.

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