about I Don"t recognize Where to begin

"I Don"t recognize Where to Start" is a track written by Thom Schuyler, and recorded by American nation music artist Eddie Rabbitt. It was released in April 1982 as the third solitary from the album step by Step. The song got to number 2 ~ above the Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor chart and number 35 ~ above the Billboard hot 100, his critical solo top-40 popular music hit.

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I quit by to look aroundFor points I left behindWith the years we spent togetherThere"s no informing what I"ll findNot the tricks or the recordsIt"s the love I"m feather for"Cause the last time the I had actually itI was walking the end your doorAnd I come by to gain some thingsI provided to contact my ownI didn"t think that I"d need themWhen I began out aloneIt"s not the publications or the recordsBut my heart I"m looking for"Cause the critical time that i felt itI was walking out your doorBut ns don"t understand where come startLooking for the lonely heartOh I might tear this place apart if you won"t psychic itOn a shelf behind the boozeIn the closer top top a roofIf you"d only assist me look at I recognize I"ll discover itI stopped in come tell youThat over there isn"t any type of doubtThat the points I left below with youAre the points I can"t live withoutYou can keep all that I"ve ever before ownedIt"s the love I"m looking for"Cause the the last time ns felt itI was walking out your doorBut i don"t understand where come startLooking because that the lonely heartOh I could tear this location apart if you won"t mind itIs it on a shelf behind the boozeOn a closet top top the roofIf you"d only aid me look, I understand we"ll find it

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Eddie Rabbitt Edward cutting board "Eddie" Rabbitt (November 27, 1941 – may 7, 1998) to be an American singer-songwriter and musician. His career started as a songwriter in the so late 1960s, springboarding come a recording career after writing hits such together "Kentucky Rain" because that Elvis Presley in 1970 and "Pure Love" for Ronnie Milsap in 1974.

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Later in the 1970s, Rabbitt assisted to construct the crossover-influenced sound of country music prevalent in the 1980s v such hits together "Suspicions" and also "Every Which method but Loose." His duets "Friends and also Lovers" and "You and also I", v Juice Newton and also Crystal Gayle respectively, later appeared on the soap operas days of our Lives and All my Children. More »