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Oh poor you. No useful advice i'm afraid but i do know how you feel and i'm sure loads of mums feel like that at some point too.When i was pregnant with Ds i got to the point at about 32 weeks of just wanting it all over with. I was having loads of probs and just wanted him out so i could see for myself if he was o.k.Reading what stage he was at in the womb did help a little bit as it made me realise he did need to be in there a bit longer.Still bullied my consultant in to a delivery at 37 weeks though 6 weeks will fly by honestly. Before you know it you'll be puffing and panting away wishing you weren't in work .

Twinkie hugs, I have days of feeling exactly like that! It's awful, but I am hoping perfectly normal. I feel guilty after spending an hour sobbing to dh that I want the baby out NOW, becuase if it did come early I'd think it was my fault etc. I feel like an ungrateful so and so when I tell people I'm not enjoying being pg and they look at me like I'm mad. I know I'm very fortunate to be able to have children, but I can't pretend it's a barrel of laughs 24/7 because it's not. It's uncomfortable and downright crappy some days. My baby wasn't planned either, and most days I'd never change a thing, this is very much a wanted baby too, but sometimes it all gets too much. I am totally fed up of not being able to get comfy day or night, feeling moody, fat, heavy, ugly, tired, not to mention sick of moaning about it. I'm of the "bring it on!" attitude towards birth too, thinking the sooner it starts, the sooner it's over with and I get to be a mummy. I don't know how to help you get through the next 6 weeks, save to say I've survived 3 more than you and am still (quite) sane

medtox.org has been my biggest support cuz everyone is so honest about their feeling and I don't feel so guilty on here when I know others feel like I do. I have pg friends I can't talk to about this as they are loving every minute of their pregnancies. I've tried fishing to see if they are even slightly uncomfortable/miserab;e but they don't seemt o be...maybe they are secret medtox.orgters too.Hang on in there, it WILL be over soon and we will be mummies not host organs PS. Tea and choc digestives go a LONG way to making you feel better.

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Honest x

Twinkie - I'm afraid tis too late to change your mind! Have you tried yoga relaxation or meditation - there's a website www.learningmeditation.com with audio - if you don't feel too silly doing it - it can be beneficial. Hugs and good luck