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AnonymousI was shock of this song when i heard it i really2 love and like it so much thats why i have actually a tatoo that this song in mine arms through G clefMatt native West Unity, OhioBefore mine wife and I began dating, i told her "Love the a lifetime" need to be our song. Because it fits us perfectly. We"ve been married 5 year August 8. And also she is still mine love of a lifetime. Thanks Firehouse for play this song.Craig indigenous Manitowoc, WiThis is all time favorite power ballad of every time.Ben indigenous Columbia, TnI am for sure going come play this track at my following wedding. The lyrics say it all about the lady in my life.see much more comments
Helter SkelterThe Beatles

The an initial version the The Beatles "Helter Skelter" to be a 27 minute jam, so you have the right to imagine what Ringo to be going through pounding away all that time. To to convince the guys that he needed a break, the screamed, "I"ve got blisters on mine fingers!" This was included on the fadeout.

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Hangin" ToughNew kids on the Block

"Hangin" Tough" come at the peak of brand-new Kids ~ above the Block mania. Their writer/producer Maurice Starr composed it about the battles the band faced early on. It to be #1 in England and also America.

DaughterPearl Jam

When Pearl Jam plays "Daughter" live, they usually expand the finishing so Eddie Vedder have the right to improvise, saying or singing every little thing is top top his mind.


The video for "Informer" by eye that ran top top MTV to be subtitled therefore viewers can understand what he was saying.

(I"ve Had) the time of mine LifeBill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

"(I"ve Had) the time of my Life" to be a substantial hit indigenous the movie Dirty Dancing. The was provided in the climactic run scene at the end, which was in reality the first scene shot for the movie.

just YouJosh Kelley

Katherine Heigl played Josh Kelley"s love interest in the video clip for his 2005 tune "Only You." lock met on the shoot, ended up being a real-life couple, and got married two years later. That"s good casting!

Def Leppard QuizMusic Quiz

Can you name Def Leppard"s just #1 fight in America? acquire rocked through this adrenalized quiz.

chris Frantz - "Genius the Love"They"re play My song

Chris and also his mam Tina to be the rhythm ar for talk Heads as soon as they created The Tom Tom Club. "Genius of Love" was your blockbuster, however David Byrne only mentioned it once.

spot The actual Red warm Chili Peppers tune TitlesMusic Quiz

The Red warm Chili Peppers have some rather unusual song titles - check out if you deserve to spot the real ones.

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Vanessa CarltonSongwriter Interviews

The "A thousands Miles" singer top top what she thinks of her song being provided in White Chicks and how she caught a track from a dream.

Gary LewisSongwriter Interviews

Gary Lewis and also the Playboys had seven height 10 hits regardless of competition from The Beatles. Gary talks about the hits, his well known father, and also getting drafted.

Mike Scott that The WaterboysSongwriter Interviews

The story behind "Whole that The Moon" and also "Red military Blues," and also why rock music has "outlived that era that innovation."