It is finest to bring back those happy storage we had in the past particularly those days when we have actually no idea that us will satisfy someone who would teach united state to love. Well, talking around commitment, every woman’s dream is come walk down the aisle, put on a fabulous white gown while her groom is waiting for her at the altar. After ~ the wedding, the pair has come be together no issue what life may take.

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 Do you desire to be motivated by the story of a pair who showed the true definition of love? 

“Love, Me”

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“Love, Me” is a ballad written by American songwriters Skip Ewing and also Max Barnes. American country music artist Collin Raye videotaped the song and released that on October 1991. “Love, Me” is among the singles from Raye’s album, All I can Be. The song came to be Raye’s very first number-one solitary on the Billboard Hot nation Singles & monitor chart. That was likewise nominated as tune of the Year by the nation Music Association.

Raye’s album All I deserve to Be is a debut studio album exit under epic Records. This album developed 3 struggle singles: “All I can Be,” “Love Me,” and “Every Second.”

About the Song

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The tune “Love, Me” is about the narrator’s grandfather and grandmother’s love story. The narrator showed a note to his grandfather. This note is composed of his so late grandmother’s handwritten love letter ago when they to be young. Upon analysis the note, his grandfather began to cry. The was the very an initial time he observed his grand cried.

If you get there prior to I do, don’t offer up ~ above me.I’ll accomplish you when my chores are through;I don’t know how long I’ll be.But I’m no gonna let girlfriend down, darling wait and also see.And in between now and then, it spins I check out you again,I’ll be loving you. Love, me.

The chorus the the track tells how his grandparents met. The second verse highlights both the narrator and also grandfather stopping to pray because that the repose grandmother.

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