Nicole went within to order drink at Rosamunde turn off 24th and Mission while i secured among the just open the end tables. It to be a sunny and also warm Saturday afternoon, perfect for drinking outside and also acknowledging that, sometimes, the people can be beautiful. Ns was supposed to speak to her from the table and also tell her what to obtain me, yet our phones maintained dropping the calls. Also in a beautiful world, plan don’t work-related out. Eventually she came earlier with two glasses and also handed me one. 

“I just told castle ‘something Belgian,’ and also this is what they provided me,” she said. 

We laughed, due to the fact that even without understanding anything about beers she knows my tastes well, and also because the a good puncturing of my pretensions. Beer is something we both love in really different ways. I have actually no idea what beer she acquired me but, sure enough, it was a Belgian layout ale and also I chosen it fine. Ns don’t understand what she ordered because that herself, but I recognize it was some godawful IPA with a taste profile like the intrusion of Normandy. Us are never ever going to watch eye come eye on this, however that’s okay: The point is the we’re the town hall each other with care.

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Nicole stays in the neighborhood, and also Rosamunde is just one of her bars. She passes it every day on her means home, and also if she’s having a poor day, it’s the ar she’ll stop and also sit and also drink as she reads or listens to podcasts or simply cries. 

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“Honestly, ns don’t think I also need come order for myself anymore,” she said. “If they view me coming, the bartenders just obtain out a Pliny the Elder. Ns actually can be the factor they store it on the menu. Okay be waiting in heat to order and suddenly they’ll just call out come me ‘I’ve obtained your IPA here!’” 

We’re spied on so constantly by companies and also governments and monsters of the web that we’ve forgotten how an excellent it deserve to feel to have actually someone paying attention. The difference between a company that supplies your data to create an ad on a website to sell you a beer, and also a bartender that pours a beer she thinks you will do it like as soon as she sees you coming, is everything.


We haven’t viewed each various other in a couple of weeks, so we had actually a lot to speak about. And we’d simply come native an underwhelming arts experience: “The art community disappoints united state again, so san Francisco is healing,” we joke. A lot of world in the art communities I know have been worrying that during the pandemic san Francisco shed too lot — too plenty of institutions, too many people, too lot energy, as well much creation — and also now we’re no much longer distinctive or interesting. The there’s nothing in san Francisco that you can’t simply go find in L.A. Or brand-new York. 

I disagree: ns think that currently happened. Those bigger urban were long back imitating the art scene the our price of living to be chasing away. The question isn’t even if it is we’ve shed those edges, it’s whether we’re doing something new that will certainly be precious imitating in a few years. And also honestly, I’m no sure.

Some people I’ve been discussing it v think that san Francisco quiet has greater resistance come “art together a party:” that our artists are willing to invest our time on small, weird, arts experiences that are more than likely never going to make real money, rather than security their energy decorating big parties through DJs the are, once you think around it, pretty much identical to every other big party with DJs. This theoretically renders our art, pound for pound, much an ext interesting — and way our artists need day jobs. 

But that’s just a hypothesis. Who the hell to know what’s yes, really true as we emerge out of the pandemic? come the degree we space actually emerging out of the pandemic, rather than just stretching and shifting our weight in it.


The server stopped by with Nicole’s salad. I offered Nicole a look. Rosamunde is renowned for the sausages, which dominate the menu. That the hell orders a salad here? the not also vegan or vegetarian: it comes through cheese and also a chicken sausage.

“The cheese is good,” she said, passing end a item for me to taste and also verify. “It’s really an excellent cheese because that a salad, friend know? many places, if you order a salad, placed really mediocre cheese on it, since who cares? yet I love how this place, if friend order a salad, it comes v sausage and great cheese. It’s like they’re lovingly asking you, ‘A salad? room you sure? Really? Okay, we’re just going to put a sausage below just to make sure you’re okay.’ ns love that.”

The Giants had just shed in an agonizing game 5 to the Dodgers, yet we’re the sort of human being who just knew around it tangentially. Nicole determined that something was happening once BART was overfilled with people wearing Giants gear, and I’d interpreted that something to be up because a couple of friends the mine had been excited, then despondent. 

“I never recognize what come say to people who acquire such solid emotions about this sort of thing,” Nicole said. “I’m sorry your team didn’t win? when I say that, they constantly give me looks that tells me what I’ve simply said is very, very, inadequate … but I don’t know what rather there is come say.”

Nicole works with the mentally ok homeless. She knows how to lull them around their problems. Noþeles with reduced stakes than a schizophrenic make the efforts to find housing no seem precious getting functioned up about.

I nodded. “I nothing know, either. A friend of mine claimed that his young son, almost seven year old, to be just ruined by the loss, and also he had actually to define to him: This is what gift a sports fan is. You have to accept the sad losses, so that you deserve to really be part of the good wins.”


Nicole nodded and chewed her salad thoughtfully. “That’s really an excellent advice because that a marriage, too. That’s exactly how they work. Hey, perform you think sports fans are far better at marriages?”

“I … don’t recognize that anyone’s ever argued that correlation before …”

“But the true! that’s what a marriage is, girlfriend stay and also root for her team in the under times so you deserve to be a meaningful part of their good ones.” She looked at her empty glass. “I’m going in for more beer. What should I gain you?”

“Okay, tell lock you want a Chimay Red for me …”

“Shimmey Red?”

“Chimay Red …

“Shimey …”


“Okay, ns think I’ve gained it.”


Rosamunde is a lot an ext focused ~ above its sausages than it is ~ above its booze. Yet it has a really solid beer list. Somebody thought it through. Any type of place that deserve to make both of us feel favor we’re drinking fine is doing something right. God, I dislike her taste in beer for this reason much.

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Rather than “accept the sad accident so the you deserve to be part of the great wins,” I have actually lived my life far closer to the old proverb “take organize lightly, let go lightly — that is the mystery to success in love.” possibly that’s what I’ve been doing wrong every these years. Or probably … and I doubt this is much more of the allude … the grace and also intentions through which you organize on to who is simply as important as just how intensely you perform it, favor the difference in between having your preferences spied on through a large company and having a bartender know what friend like. 

Nicole came earlier holding the right beer. “I told the bartender ‘apparently ns was an alleged to questioning you for a Chimay Red quite than to scream ‘SOMETHING BELGIAN’ at you. The bartender laughed and also asked ‘are you in trouble?’ and also I said ‘Kinda …’”

Bartenders love Nicole. I’ve watched it again and also again. Even when she no a regular, they love having her around. Ns think the because, in this area of her life, she takes host lightly and also lets walk lightly with a playfulness that needs nothing. 

If you have the right to pay that sort of caring attention while demanding nothing, friend have found the secret of life. 

Wild boar sausage and duck v figs help too, in addition to wildly various kinds of beer, and also sunshine as the entirety Mission seems to to walk by your perch. Life can be beautiful. Also when her team loses.

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