With its catchy whistling and also bluesy vocals and riffs, “Tighten Up” has come to be one the the many successful Black secrets singles in the united States, being their first song to… check out More 

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I want love, I essential loveMost that all, many of allSomeone claimed true love was deadAnd I'm bound come fall, bound to fall for youOh, what have the right to I do? YeahTake mine badge yet my heart remainsLovin' you, baby childTighten increase on your reinsYou room runnin' wild, runnin' wild, it's trueSick for days in so countless waysI'm achin' now, I'm achin' nowIt's times prefer these I require reliefPlease present me how, oh present me how to acquire rightYeah, it's the end of sightWhen i was young and also movin' fastNothin' slowed me down, oh, slowed me downNow i let the others pass, I've come aroundOh come around, 'cause I've found
Livin' just to keep goin'Goin' simply to it is in saneAll the while not knowin'It's such a shameI don't require to obtain steadyI recognize just exactly how I feelI'm tellin' girlfriend to it is in readyMy dear
With its catchy whistling and also bluesy vocals and also riffs, “Tighten Up” has become one the the most successful Black keys singles in the united States, gift their very first song to chart on the Billboard warm 100 and reaching number one on the alternative Songs and also Rock songs charts. In ~ the 53rd Grammy awards it winner for best Rock power by a Duo or group alongside being nominated for ideal Rock Song. In addition to these more common-place accolades, Rolling Stone likewise put the track on its list of the 15 ideal Whistling songs of all Time.

“Tighten Up” has additionally been supplied in assorted pieces of media, including Gossip Girl and also a Subaru commercial.


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