Last minute flight deals indigenous Washington to Miami International

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too late to publication a trip. Here’s our choose of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Washington Dulles come Miami International

Want to fly non-stop come Miami International? We’ll help you find your appropriate route.


Conrad Miami


Hilton Miami Downtown


COVID-19 travel constraints are changing fast, but we're right here to assist you find the advice you need. Examine our live web page on travel constraints to watch if you deserve to travel indigenous Washington Dulles come Miami International, and also if you'll should quarantine top top arrival.
The finest price found on because that a trip from Washington Dulles come Miami international is $96. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the totality month.

Fly indigenous Washington Dulles to Miami International

Miami, Florida is among the busiest urban in the world, being a hub for global business and travel. It’s likewise one of the many beautiful v destinations such as famous Miami Beach and also the secret Everglades. Getting from Washington Dulles to Miami international is a directly shot through multiple American airlines nonstop flights available daily. Find the ideal price with our price alertsand never miss out on a deal again.

Facilities in ~ Washington Dulles and also Miami International

Washington Dulles has a straightforward design with a separate structure for the main terminal, concourses A and B, and also concourses C and also D. Each concourse boasts rapid food, cafes and sit-down dining. Flights with American airlines depart from concourse B, reachable indigenous the main terminal by AeroTrain shuttle and by relocating walkway.

Flights from Dulles come at Miami International’s concourses D and E. Before continuing right into Miami, you’ll have the ability to grab a meal or replenish traveling essentials at one of the many restaurants and also shops available by this expansive airport.

Travel native Miami International

The easiest course out the Miami International and also into the city proper is via a convenient car rental. Usage our auto rental search to find the best options for both your schedule and your wallet.

There are likewise many public transport options. From the airport, the MIA Mover have the right to take you to the Miami Intermodal facility which serves together the beginning point for her journey right into town. Right here you have the right to hop onto one of two people the Metrorail or the commuter-friendly Tri-Rail currently that deserve to drop you turn off in downtown. The Metrobus is another downtown option, or if you want to hit the beach automatically the Miami coast Bus is prepared to transport you come sun and surf.

Taxis are a an excellent option for the burdened traveler. Travel by taxi come downtown commonly costs about $20 to $25.

Hints and Tips because that Miami International

Miami is well known for its hot temperatures and also wet weather lasting for many of the year. However, you may need a jacket because that a handful of days during the winter. Outdoor excursions are renowned in this area, v the surrounding Everglades all set to astound you through its diversity the flora and fauna. Sea tasks such together windsurfing and also water skiing are also huge draws because that travelers to Miami. The city itself has numerous sights to view too, containing historic neigborhoods together as tiny Haiti and also Coconut Grove.

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The city can be pricey, with meals the end costing an average of $20 per person on the low end and $35 or more for higher-end fare. However with cautious planning you can discover the best prices for your trip. Our hotel find helps you sort accommodations through features and also price to discover the appropriate room for your needs.