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14. The Co2+ ion in aqueous equipment is octahedrally coordinated and also paramagnetic, with three unpaired electrons. I m sorry one or ones of the following statements follow from this observation:

Co(H2O)42+ is square planar Co(H2O)42+ is tetrahedral Co(H2O)62+ has a Δ0 the is larger than the electron-pairing energy; the d level are break-up in energy and filled together follows: (t2g)5(eg)2 the d level are split in energy and filled as follows: (t2g)6(eg)1

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15. The coordination compound potassium hexafluorochromate(III) is paramagnetic. What is the formula because that this compound? What is the construction of the Cr d electrons?


Fluorine is a weak field ligand in an octahedral complex. This accounts for this complex\"s paramagnetism.

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16. How numerous unpaired electrons room there in Cr3+, Cr2+, Mn2+, Fe2+, Co3+, Co2+ in

a solid octahedral ligand field and a an extremely weak octahedral field? Cr3+ strong Field- 3 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-3 unpaired electron Cr2+ strong Field- 2 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-4 unpaired electron Mn2+ solid Field- 1 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-5 unpaired electrons Fe 2+ strong Field- 0 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-4 unpaired electrons Co3+ strong Field- 0 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-4 unpaired electrons Co2+ solid Field- 1 unpaired electrons...Weak Field-3 unpaired electrons

19. What is the d-orbital electronic configuration that Cr(NH3)63+? How numerous unpaired electrons space present? If six Br- groups were substituted for the 6 NH3 teams to give CrBr63-, would you intend Δ0 to rise or decrease?

Ammonia is a solid field ligand, making the facility low spin.

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3 unpaired electrons are present.

Delta will decrease because Br- is a weaker ar ligand than NH3

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21. For each of the following, map out the d-orbita1 energy levels and the distribution of d electrons among them: