1. Ns would see how numerous times I could sneak my schlong into somebody’s pocket without lock noticing.

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“I would check out how many times I might sneak mine schlong right into somebody’s bag without them noticing.”


2. I’d have actually sex v a jar of peanut butter.

“Obvious an initial step: take it my trousers off and try to helicopter it. Second, have sex v a lady. Have sex through a lady’s butt. Have sex with a lady’s mouth. Have sex through a jug of peanut butter. Have actually sex through a fleshlight. Slap somebody throughout the confront with it. Masturbate. More than likely helicopter that again.”


3. I just wanna walk approximately knocking stuff off tables v my shlong.

“I simply wanna walk approximately knocking stuff turn off tables v my shlong; I can even obtain a bunch the plastic Dinosaurs and arrange them into a peaceful scene prior to re-creating the extinction with my dick.”


4. I’d heat up a heat of empty cans, then use my penis to knock castle down.

“I’d line up a row of empty cans, then usage my dick to knock castle down. I’d put those plastic green military guys around the cans for ambiance. This has been the arrangement for years.”


5. I’d placed it in a grapefruit.

“I inquiry my mam what she would carry out if she had actually a penis for a day, ‘aside from putting it in mine butt due to the fact that I understand that’s on her list somewhere.’ She thought for a moment and also said placed it in a grapefruit.”


6. I’d play video clip games one-handed when masturbating, simply to view if ns can.

“Get as many monitors hooked as much as my computer as possible and open up up several windows of all different types of porn. Time to discover out what offers me a boner.

Really I’d want a girl to simply do all sorts of various things come me just to test out what in reality feels an excellent and what doesn’t. Prefer an experiment. Store a document of what things felt great immediately, what felt great after some time, just how long. What points felt terrible. What does jizzing feel like? can I actually have actually a great stroke counting while fucking or am i going come cum quickly? deserve to I protect against myself from cumming? likewise play video clip games one-handed while masturbating, simply to view if ns can. (have make the efforts this but constantly too many details that enter it so i can’t focus on either point :c )”


7. I’d desire to check out what a vagina feels favor with a penis.

“SERIOUSLY what is favor to feeling a vagina with a penis? i feel choose it’d it is in incredible. Choose a warm li’l wet cavern for your peen. If no a woman I’d probably just stick it where it would fit.”


8. I would certainly make a bunch the costumes and hats because that it and also make a prick pic calendar.

“I would wake up and also poke what i hope to be my an initial morning wood, try and view if I deserve to pee whilst hard. Then view how far I have the right to pee with and also without stop it. And then see how countless things I can stick that into. Make a bunch that costumes and hats for it and also make a dick pic calendar. And of course shot to suck the myself. Then helicopter penis the remainder of the day.”


9. Ns would want to obtain a boner so the I could hang a towel on it.

“Fuck a girl just so I deserve to know exactly how awesome vaginas are. Since we room awesome! and also I would desire to gain a boner so that I might hang a bath towel on it. Ns think that funny once you deserve to do that.”


10. I’d walk approximately town rockin’ a boner in basketball shorts.

“Spend every day sticking it in points of varying texture and also size. Walk about town rockin’ a boner in basketball shorts. Stick every little thing up mine butt. I mean everyone has actually a butt, yet not every target gets a prostate. Assuming this experiment has the entire package.”


11. I’d bake a cake and use my cock to line the batter.

“Dick slap someone.Pee my name on the sidewalkBake a cake and use my penis to row the batter.”


12. I’d constantly shot to poke my boyfriend’s asshole with it.

“My girlfriend claims she would be continually trying come poke mine asshole with it.”


13. I’d invest all day getting boners and also pressing them up versus my boyfriend at azer moments.

“I’d invest all day gaining boners and pressing them up against my boyfriend at azer moments.”


14. I’d take photos the my new dick in a variety of fancy hats, because that a selection of festive occasions.

“Assuming it was decently sized? I’d take it photos the it. So countless photos. Fun photos. Imaginative photos. Moody photos. Black and also white, complete color, you name it. I’d take photos the my brand-new dick in a variety of an intricate hats, for a variety of festive occasions. I’d build up the many impressive investment portfolio I might possibly produce in 24 hours.

Then whenever I obtained an unsolicited cock pic in the future, I’d just send a far better one earlier in response.”


15. I’d sit and also helicopter it every day.

“My girlfriend states she would just sit and also helicopter it every day.”


16. I would certainly waste all day make the efforts to give myself head.

“I would waste all day trying to provide myself head.”


17. I would discover a mrs to have sex with, as I’d want to know just how it feels from the guy’s perspective.

“I’d wake up, reach down and also give my balls a great scratch, simply to watch how great it feels. Then, I’d walk outside naked, and do a good morning stretch while at the same time peeing top top something, even if it is it be grass, rocks, concrete, whatever. Climate I would shower really well and also then examine out mine penis, balls, taint and also b-hole with a mirror. Because that science. Climate I would masturbate. Later I would discover a mrs to have actually sex with, together I’d desire to know exactly how it feels indigenous the guy’s perspective. Ns would also flick myself in the nuts to watch really how painful the is, and I would spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a full-length winter helicoptering my wiener around. I would additionally do the Wild bill from Silence of the Lambs.”


18. I’d peak a bunch the dudes.

“My girlfriend says she’d height a bunch of dudes. Climate she asked if she’d have both and also said she would want to it is in fucked while fucking who else….I think my girlfriend desires to be a hentai character.”


19. I’d stick that in a Dyson hand dryer and then clock it flap around in the solid breeze.

“Asked the wife; as well as slapping the anything in reach, she has a an extremely vivid mental picture of difficult it in a Dyson hand dryer and then watching the flap about in the solid breeze. Kinda choose those pan operated promo puppets you see exterior stores.”


20. I would sit on mine balls, simply to check out if that really that bad.

“I would definitely have sex, since I honestly nothing understand how men obtain pleasure the end of sex. Because that some factor it no make feeling to me. I might finally answer that question.

I would additionally spend at least two hrs just shaking that motherfucker around so rapid I in reality helicopter.

Lastly, I would sit on my balls, just to watch if that really the bad.”


21. I’d go on a rampage that revenge pissing.

“Revenge pissing. Twin parked in ~ WalMart? okay piss on your car. Honked at me in traffic? Pissing out the window. Tried to get much more accelerated leader points than me in the fifth grade? Peeing on your mailbox. Nothing would certainly be safe if I might whip mine weeny little bit out and also pee stand up. Nothing.”


22. I’d get someone to kick me in the nuts so I have the right to compare it come childbirth.

“See exactly how sex feels v a penis, then watch what the huge fuss of blowjobs is all about. Then acquire someone to kick me in the nuts therefore I can compare it to childbirth!”


23. I’d slap the everywhere.

“I’d slap that everywhere. I’d just hang the end in mine room all day and just wiggle it everywhere the place.”


24. I really would desire to wave my prick at traffic.

“I’m really happy who has ultimately asked this! that a theoretical I think that often. In this scenario i’m assuming I’d tho look favor a woman however have a penis.

Anyway, ns really would desire to wave my prick at traffic. It sounds super fun, and it’s precise the perfect crime. Once the authorities space alerted I can put that away and simply obtain offended once asked about my penis. Once the cops are gone, I’d walk right back to waving my prick at people.

I think ~ that, and assuming I obtained testicles v my penis, I’d sit ~ above my sphere sac. Ns heard it harms real poor but ns not convinced that the possible/would hurt that much.”


25. I’d pee on Cheerios grain in the toilet, trying to sink them.

“Pee ~ above Cheerios grain in the toilet, trying come sink them. If that is winter, create my surname in the snow.”


26. I would certainly ask my friend to one of two people let me fuck that or asking him for a BJ.

“Probably questioning my friend to either let me fuck that or ask him for a BJ. Completely would masturbate favor twice too. Shot rubbing that on everything. Would certainly LOVE to recognize what a boner against a butt feels like. Would certainly take favor 20 pictures of it. Many things.”


27. I would walk top top someone’s yard and also cum in your plants.

“I asked mine girlfriend and also her answer, ‘I’d go out and also fuck a lot of women. Then, i would get in a store and also cum in stuff, specifically some pair of shoes or go onto someone’s yard and also cum in their plants.’ She has no idea why, however she has had actually this planned for a while.”


28. Ns would have sex with a lady and later a dude, both ways with the dude.

“Have sex through a lady and also later a dude, both ways with the dude. Just to feeling what it’s really like to be in ~ both ends of it.”


29. I just have actually this solid desire come thrust through a penis.

“I am a lady and also I literally think around this every the time. My friend jokes the I would be a man-whore since I just have actually this solid desire come thrust through a prick for some reason. He says I’m emotionally/sexually 40% male.”


30. I’d slap my SO in the challenge with it.

“I’d slap mine SO in the confront with it. Then I’d invest the day finding points to stick that in besides my SO. I’m a basic woman.”


31. I’d pee off the highest structure available.

“Pee off the highest structure available. Or a terrace.”


32. I want to play v it favor a joystick and spray my erection everywhere.

“I desire to play with it choose a joystick and also spray mine erection everywhere.”


33. Ns would try to convince my boyfriend to allow me stick that in his bum.

“I would play with it and also masturbate very first to see just how it feels, uncover out what parts are sensitive and what feel good, and also experience a masculine orgasm. The seems relatively easy for a guy to just whip that out and pee in public if desperate (behind a shrub or versus a wall) so i think i would invest some time trying to do this. They i would try to to convince my friend to allow me stick the in his bum, i think this would be the only means to gain an idea the what sex would feel like, I would hope that it would certainly be a an excellent experience because that him, too!”


34. “I would certainly send unsolicited dick pics to every the guys that ever before sent me one.

“I would certainly send unsolicited penis pics to all the males that ever sent me one, ns wouldn’t simply send one either, I would send lock from different views and also probably dress it up together well. I would certainly then carry out the apparent stuff like, you know pee outside, gain it hard and also make that bounce and also wag it about like a tail for a while, sit in various positions to check out what is comfortable and also what isn’t. I would certainly masturbate in ~ some point and when I acquired horny ns would show it to mine SO and make certain to bag him through it, just in situation the other hints weren’t enough, he would definitely know I all set to try anal.”


35. I’d love to fuck and know what the feels favor to pass through someone’s body and also release my seed into them.

“Omg, i have full penis envy. Ns love being a woman however I would love to have actually a cock for sooner or later a month. I’d piss out the car window during a roadway trip, ambush my BF while he’s sleeping with it, I’d knock points over through it, dress it up in cute clothes… I’d love to fuck and know what the feels like to permeate someone’s body and also release my seed right into them… therefore hot!”


36. I’d watch how an overwhelming it is to accurately aim and land a splash that urine right into a freaking restroom bowl.

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“See how daunting it is come accurately aim and land a splash the urine right into a freaking restroom bowl. And hey if the IS that difficult I’d begin a propaganda project to obtain guys to sit down as soon as they to pee so that the totality sorry puddle-on-the-floor mess becomes a point of the past.”


37. I’d peg my fiancé and also get it up the ass to watch if it’s much better with a prostate.

“Peg my fiancé and also get it increase the ass to view if it’s far better with a prostate.”