About where Were you (When the human being Stopped Turning)

"Where to be You (When the civilization Stopped Turning)" is a track written and also recorded by American nation music singer Alan Jackson. It to be the lead solitary from his tenth studio album, drive (2002), exit on Arista Nashville. The song"s medtox.org facility on reaction to the September 11 strikes in the unified States, created in the kind of questions. Jackson wanted to compose a song catching the emotions surrounding the attacks, however found it difficult to carry out so. The debuted the song publicly at the country Music Association"s yearly awards present on November 7, 2001. It to be released that month together a single and topped the Hot country Singles & Tracks graph for 5 weeks; in addition, it got to number 28 top top Billboard"s all-genre warm 100 chart. The tune received mainly positive reviews from critics, who appreciated the simple, greatly apolitical stance. The track won multiple awards at the Academy of nation Music and also Country Music combination Awards, including Song that the Year, and likewise earned Jackson his an initial Grammy award for best Country Song.more »

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Where to be you when the world stopped turnin"That September day?Were friend in the yard with your wife and also childrenOr workin" on some stage in L.A.?Did you stand there in shock in ~ the sight of that black color smokeRisin" against that blue sky?Did girlfriend shout out in anger, in are afraid for her neighborOr walk you just sit down and cry?Did friend weep because that the children, they shed their dear love onesPray because that the ones that don"t know?Did friend rejoice because that the world who walked indigenous the rubbleAnd sob for the people left below?Did friend burst out v pride for the red, white, and blueAnd the heroes who passed away just doin" what castle do?Did you look up to heaven because that some kind of answerAnd look at yourself and also what yes, really matters?I"m simply a singer of basic songsI"m no a genuine political manI watch CNN, yet I"m not certain I have the right to tell youThe diff"rence in Iraq and also IranBut I know Jesus and I talk to GodAnd i remember this from as soon as I to be youngFaith, hope, and also love are some great things He provided usAnd the best is loveWhere to be you as soon as the human being stopped turnin"That September day?Teachin" a course full of innocent childrenOr drivin" under some cold interstate?Did you feeling guilty "cause you"re a survivor?In a overfilled room did you feel alone?Did you contact up your mother and tell she you love her?Did you dust turn off that holy bible at home?Did you open your eyes and hope it never happenedClose her eyes and also not walk to sleep?Did you notice the sunset for the first time in agesAnd speak to some stranger top top the street?Did you lay down at night and think the tomorrowGo out and buy you a gun?Did you revolve off that violent old movie you"re watchin"And rotate on i Love Lucy reruns?Did you walk to a church and also hold hands v some strangersStand in line to provide your own blood?Did you simply stay home and also cling chop to her familyThank God you had somebody come love?I"m simply a singer of an easy songsI"m no a genuine political manI clock CNN, yet I"m not sure I deserve to tell youThe diff"rence in Iraq and IranBut I understand Jesus and I talk to GodAnd i remember this from as soon as I to be youngFaith, hope, and also love room some good things He gave usAnd the biggest is loveI"m just a singer of simple songsI"m no a real political manI clock CNN, however I"m not sure I have the right to tell youThe diff"rence in Iraq and IranBut I understand Jesus and I talk to GodAnd i remember this from as soon as I was youngFaith, hope, and also love space some good things He offered usAnd the greatest is loveAnd the biggest is loveAnd the best is loveWhere were you as soon as the civilization stopped turnin"On the September day?

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Alan Jackson Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American nation music singer, well-known for blending timeless honky tonk and also mainstream country sounds and penning plenty of of his own hits. He has actually recorded 14 studio albums, three biggest Hits albums, two Christmas albums, one Gospel album and also several compilations, all on the Arista Nashville label. Much more than 50 the his singles have showed up on Billboard"s perform of the "Top 30 nation Songs". That Jackson"s entries, 35 were number-one hits, through 50 in the peak 10. He is the recipient of 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and also nominee the multiple various other awards. The is a member that the cool Ole Opry, and also was inducted right into the Georgia Music hall of reputation in 2001.

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Jackson has sold much more than 60 million records worldwide. Much more »