A ____ is a certain design through coordinating colors, fonts, and also special effects.

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document theme

Document ____ space the details about a file.


Style defines the hue of text characters.


Which that the complying with slide properties can be stated if you produce a tradition layout?

number, size, and also location the placeholders lift content

A star next to a slide indicates that computer animation effects have been applied to that slide.


A slide show is an additional name for a PowerPoint presentation.


Which the the adhering to is a standard document property?


If you use the ___ template, together opposed to a formatted theme, you must make all architecture decisions.​

Blank Presentation

The crate on a slide that has actually a dotted or hatch-marked border and also that includes the insertion suggest is a text ____.


____ a on slide can aid you watch slide facets more clearly so that you can position them specifically where desired.


When you open up a new presentation, a slide with the default ____ layout appears.

title slide

You conveniently can provide slides in a presentation a professional and integrated figure by making use of a placeholder.


The Undo button is located on the ____.

quick access tool bar

To increase the font size of selected text, decided the rise Font dimension button, situated ____.

on the mini toolbar

A slide ____ is a special effect used to progression from one slide to the next slide in a on slide show.


The default PowerPoint check out is ____ view.


A paragraph is a segment of message with the same style that starts when you press the ENTER crucial and ends when you push the ENTER vital again.


PowerPoint ____ must reinforce the speaker’s post and assist the audience retain the information presented.


When do a presentation come an audience utilizing PowerPoint, you use Notes web page view.


When you download PowerPoint, the default setup allows you come reverse as much as the last ____ alters by tapping or clicking the Undo switch on the Quick access Toolbar.


A point is ____ the an inch in height.


An accompanying ____ provides audience members referral notes and review product for your presentation.


In a multilevel bulleted perform slide, creating a lower-level i is called ____ the text.


Unlike clip art, you can not resize a picture using sizing handles.


Each paper format determines the shade scheme, font set, and also layout the a presentation. _________________________


It is considered great practice to conserve a presentation prior to printing it.


You can advancement slides during a slide display by pushing the page DOWN key.


By default, PowerPoint ends a slide display with a black color slide.


A level is a position within a structure, such together an outline, that shows the magnitude of importanc


___ are the alternative designs the exist for each theme.​


The layout gallery display screens 10 slide layouts with a range of placeholders to define text and content positioning and also formatting.


Which the the adhering to keys can you press to operation a slide show starting with on slide 1?


____ text has a slanted appearance.


You have the right to insert a brand-new slide by pushing the ____ keyboard shortcut keys.


A document theme sets the ___ for a presentation​

color scheme, font, and collection layout

The normal veiw is created of

slide pane on slide tab and also notes pane

You can remove selected message from a slide by pressing the CTRL+X keyboard shortcut keys.


Text ____ specifies the appearance and also shape the letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.


The note pane is located above the slide pane and also is an area whereby you can type notes and added information.


To change document properties, first tap or click paper on the ribbon to open the nature view.


The mini toolbar includes the Italic button.


The location Slide layout consists of three message placeholders. _________________________


Using the____, friend can select the setup of placeholders ~ above a new slide.

layout gallery

You can type comments to yourself in the ____ because that a specific slide while working in regular view.

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notes pane

The layout Fonts team of formatting choices for a record theme save a collection of lines and also fill effects.