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A friend the mine newly posted a quote on on facebook by the so late Martin Luther King Jr. That brought about me come pause and also reflect on his powerful and wise words. 

The words talked long ago by this an excellent man have the right to be adjusted and woven into many elements of our stays — “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the quiet of our friends.”


The “silence of ours friends”, four little yet moving words, struggle me in a method that was quite unexpected. He to be right, quiet from those we mean to have our backs can cause us to concern who our friends really are. The “silence” is what we remember the most and also what typically causes the biggest heartaches. 

We can always understand the our enemies will treat united state wrong and act in unkind ways. We prepare ourselves to it is in disrespected and also to have actually horrible words hurled at us. Not that it makes these actions right, yet that’s what our enemies do — shot to ache us. We might be emotionally caught off security by the plot of our enemies, however they are never ever unexpected. ~ all, our opponents wouldn’t be our enemies if they were nice and supportive. 

Friends, ~ above the other hand, we intend more.

The actual pain and also disappointment the arises native a friend’s silence (and periodically it is a deafening silence) and also the absence of support, can reduced deep into our emotionally soul because we just don’t suppose it. And, kind of what i was taking care of when I very first read this quote.

We expect that our friends will certainly cheer united state on. Support and also encourage ours endeavors. We trust the they will certainly lend a hand or provide an encouraging word as soon as we require it the most. To feel ignored and unimportant, well, we can obtain that type of therapy from our enemies.

Silence from ours “friends” have the right to manifest itself right into more significant dire consequences, quite than just cause personal hurt feelings. The recent #metoo movement lugged into the spotlight the dangers of staying silent in the wake up of exposed sexual misconduct in Hollywood, the politics arena, and the this firm world. How numerous women space there that could have been spared the pain, humiliation, and also heartache of gift a victim of sex-related misconduct and also assault if someone would have had the courage to speak increase sooner?

Both men and women in Hollywood knew what to be going on, but they kept silent. Numerous who preserved silent asserted to be friends through the victims yet refused to speak the end for fear that their very own careers would certainly be in jeopardy. Lock adored these men, offered them awards, and also put them up on a pedestal once they should have actually been avoiding their noble actions and also fighting for your “friends”. Silence, in this case, allowed these actions to continue and for more and an ext women to come to be a part of the ever-growing victims’ list.

Until people came to be vocal about the threats of bullying, the silence from “friends” kept it hidden. How many civilization have watched someone being tormented and abused, but were too afraid to action up and get involved. Exactly how many children had come endure relentless years of bullying, wishing that someone, just even one person, would speak increase and help stop it.

It’s time that we re-examine our see on silence and raise our voices. We must be an ext aware of just exactly how dangerous being silent have the right to be. The saying, “They endure in silence”, should be enough motivation to carry out something and also to eradicate the saying because that good.

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Don’t be fear to have actually your friend’s back, to be their biggest cheerleader, come say a sort word, and also give lock a shout out. Don’t be fear to be vocal once you can carry attention to the injustices of this world. Simply don’t be quiet anymore and be much more aware of who needs your voice.