This movie is an American disaster horror movie under the direction of director Alexandre Aja and with the writers Shawn and also Michael Rasmussen. It is around the father and also daughter, along with their pet dog space being hunted by alligators ideal after gift entrap in their house throughout the classification 5 hurricane.

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The cast Lists

Kaya Scodelario played together Haley Keller, the student-athlete

Barry Pepper played together Dave Keller, Haley’s father and also a home contractor

Jose Palma played together Pete, Wayne’s partner and the police officer

Ross Anderson played as Wayne Taylor, Beth’s ex-boyfriend and the police officer

Morfydd Clark played together Beth Keller, the older sister of Haley that resides in Boston

Anson Boon played as Stan, the looter

Ami Metcalf played as Lee

George Somner played as Marv

Annamaria Serda played as Emma

Savannah Steyn played as Lisa

The Story Line


Aspiring swimmer at the university of Florida, Haley Keller bring away the call from Beth, she sister, who notified her the Wendy, the category 5 Hurricane is ~ above the collision route to Florida and advised she to be out of their land. Haley has been involved for the defense of Dave, she father, as he isn’t answering his phone. Opposed to the Florida State Police’s instructions, Haley drives approximately the evacuation courses so she can inspect on Dave. She initially went come his father’s condo, where he had been staying ever since Dave and also her mother gained divorced. Haley locates Sugar, their family dog, in ~ the condo, however, no traces the Dave and also she is worried the Dave has actually gone ago to their family members house in Coral Lake, and which he allegedly marketed years before.

Haley and also Sugar command in the flooded roads and also locate the van of Dave in ~ their house in the Coral Lake. There, she moves down in the crawl space beneath the residence while parting street upstairs and also finally locates finds her father wounded and unconscious. When she make the efforts to take him out, her way out had been reduced off through ravenous and big alligators the Dave believed got into the residence through the storm drainpipe open in the crawl space. Those alligators space really substantial to fit about in the pipe beneath their house, allow Haley and also Dave to a safer ar at the remote end that a to crawl space. But, the hurricane deepened and the crawl spaces started to flood, and so Haley tries to navigate about the alligators just before she along with her father becomes drown.


While trying come escape the crawl spaces repelling those alligators, Haley reduce off her telephone and discovered the a an additional exit that the crawl space has been blocked by the table over the hatch. She make the efforts to call the team that looters in the gas station beside the house for part assistance; however, they got killed through those alligators. Haley is helpless to halt the alligators indigenous aggression and also killing the two police officials who investigated the house for the survivors.

The authors View

There is so much in this movie come like, the exclusive impacts are decent, your acting is pure and also the worths of the production are yes, really good. Unfortunately, that is all constructed on the structures of the an extremely poor script. The film is filled with the lame jump scares. Initially, Mr. Snappy has been displayed too early, yes, really killing any kind of tensions. The personalities made dumb options over again. The girl takes death rolled underneath water with the arm inside the mouth the the alligators and also does not shed her arm? Sure, that is pointless sustaining extras that we are mindful are going come die yet then gobbled up.

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Overall, it can be said that through the decent script, the would have been the ideal concept, however with those frankly college student movie level script problems. This is just that ideal in my opinion, but this is not a damaging movie, and not really worth looking out together well.