I to buy the Libretto for cheap at a used publication sale, however it doesn"t have "Our tiny World". Ns was wonder if over there is dialogue that sets up this tune or if it is simply inserted prior to or after the witch asks Rapunzel to let under her hair? Or not? exactly how is it incorporated?

I"ve never heard of this song. It"s not provided on the initial musical (ibdb.com), or in the reunion concert special. It"s only noted in the 02 revival.I"m guessing they added it because that Vanessa Williams.

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I to be a firm believer in serendipity- every the random piece coming together in one exorbitant moment, once suddenly you see what their function was all along.
"I"ve never ever heard the this song. It"s not provided on the original musical (ibdb.com), or in the reunion concert special. It"s only noted in the 02 revival.I"m guessing they included it because that Vanessa Williams."It was initially in the London production.(Alas, CATS, ns can"t help you, yet I"d also like to know.)

It was definitely added for the London production. I"ve checked out it provided in three various productions, consisting of the recent Broadway revival. For this reason I"m pretty certain that I"m correct in my recollection that there is no dialogue lead up to the song. That is put after the i Guess This Is goodbye / perhaps They"re Magic sequence. At many they may have transitioned v a "as because that Rapunzel..." indigenous the narrator.

Yes, the was added for London. In fact, the one supplied in the recent Broadway renewal is actually a shortened version of the song. You can hear the entirety thing top top the London album. Rapunzel"s function is pretty puny without it. As soon as I did the show several years ago (before the revival), the track was published in the separation, personal, instance cast publications but not in the score.I"m trying to remember if they supplied it in the manufacturing I saw in Houston v Leslie Uggams and Lenny Wolpe.

it"s offered in place of the whitch simply climbing right into the tower in act one, the song starts the step .
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It"s a fun track that ns think to add something to Rapunzel. Every other character in the present has other memorable to occupational with....Rapunzel, initially, walk not.
We did the song freshly in our manufacturing of Woods...I to be Rapunzel...The scene began with teh Narrarator"s dialogue, and Rapunzel"s Aaahhs, i m sorry lead into the song. Her hair is lower after the very first verse. Then the rest of the song is sang...and the step ends v the witch climbing increase Rapunzel"s hair and Rapunzel aaah ing in ache :)does that help?
side note:CALVIN! it to be that production that gained me right into musical theatre! i"m additionally pretty sure they did usage the number. I have actually the playbill at home so i;ll watch on monday
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It"s consisted of in the licenced variation as "optional material" - an interpretation each production can select to execute it or not.
Woo, CQ! ns went in reasoning Wolpe would be means too old to be the Baker, however actually, it kinda made feeling to have an enlarge Baker, which provides the whole being childless point a little much more poignant. I was reasoning they offered the song, too.

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When us did it, ns was the Witch, and we didn"t usage it. Honestly, I dislike the song and it slowly the action down because that me...OT: I would certainly KILL to watch Leslie Uggams as The Witch (I assume that"s who she was)
re: right into the Woods question:

Here is a photograph of Our tiny World indigenous the beautiful production of into the Woods I saw at the Stratford Festival critical year or the year before.
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