It’s no an enig that women need an ext nutrients throughout pregnancy. This leads many women to wonder whether or no drinking ensure is a vital or also safe enhancement to their diet in stimulate to keep them and also their baby nourished.

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Marketed as a food rather of a supplement, ensure brand nutrition shakes are all perfectly for sure to drink once pregnant. They execute contain a moderate lot of vitamin A, for this reason it’s best to moderate her intake based on how lot of the vitamin you acquire from other sources, such together prenatal pills.

While every one of the certain drinks space safe throughout pregnancy, with so plenty of different styles there’s a lot come consider. I’ve additionally created a straightforward guide to their most popular versions, complete with nutrition and safety information.

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Is It safe to Drink Ensure throughout Pregnancy?

Ensure, produced by the firm Abbott, makes numerous different formats of nutrition products. They space maybe best known for your protein shake, but likewise sell nutrition shake powder, nutrition bars, and also rehydration drinks.

You may have read in the protein shake write-up that not all protein or nutrition shakes space marketed as foods. If friend haven’t currently read this article, head over and also check it the end for the overall safety of protein shakes during pregnancy.

Luckily because that Ensure drinkers everywhere, all Ensure assets are marketed as foods. This way the ingredients room all FDA approved together food-safe (source: Ensure). This also method Ensure is safe when pregnant.

Further, albeit anecdotal, proof of your safety comes from their use in hospitals. Ensure has actually long been a brand supplied in clinical settings wherein it’s ordered for patients who are unable come eat sufficient food during the day. I generally use ensure shakes through patients at my job job.


Regardless the the style of certain shake, lock all encompass some vitamins and minerals. For females who are not able come eat enough during the job (for example, with too much morning sickness), these included nutrients can be a huge help, especially since many vitamins and also minerals are needed in greater quantities during pregnancy.

Since there are so numerous different styles of for sure products, I’ve damaged down the safety and also nutrition considerations for some of the most renowned versions:

Ensure PlusRecently revamped to offer you much more protein, Ensure to add now has actually 16 grams the protein per bottle plus enough calories to do it a well-rounded an option for ladies who have accidentally let go a meal.
Ensure OriginalEnsure Original gives 9 grams the protein and a moderate quantity of energy, making that a balanced snack choice. Their original shake likewise boasts the largest selection of flavors, including a latte flavor.
Ensure EnliveEnsure Enlive packs the best nutritional punch. V protein and also energy comparable to ensure Plus, Enlive likewise offers 2 extra grams of fiber and also plant-based omega-3 fat acids.
Ensure Max ProteinOf all of Ensure products, ensure Max offers the most protein in ~ 30 grams. The 11 oz carton is slightly bigger than other Ensure drinks. This drink is less power dense, for this reason it’s finest used as soon as you’ve eaten enough food throughout the day yet are still doing not have in protein. Be mindful that the mocha flavor, if delicious, has 100 mg the caffeine.
Ensure PowderSimply the powdered variation of ensure Original, the two products are nutritionally equal. Ensure powder does offer you extra adaptability to add other ingredients during prep, which have the right to help adjust the flavor together this one is only available in vanilla.
Source: ensure

Tip: from my personal experience, certain shakes taste finest cold. When they’re totally shelf-stable and also don’t have to be refrigerated until opening, shot one that the shakes poured over ice.


Is Ensure great During Pregnancy?

There is a difference between what is “safe” during pregnancy and also what helps you satisfy optimal nutrition.

Beyond a high quality prenatal vitamin, many women don’t require any additional supplements to accomplish their nutritional needs, even while pregnant.

That said, there room a few situations wherein Ensure shakes have the right to be beneficial.

If you’re having regular cravings because that low-protein foods, such together white bread or chips/crisps, climate you might be missing out top top protein. One or 2 servings of Ensure everyday can help you accomplish your protein demands while tho honoring her cravings.

Morning sickness and nausea are one more time as soon as Ensure can give you a lot needed nutritional boost. I’ll provide a much more in-depth look at morning sickness after that in this article.

If you’re concerned that you aren’t eat enough, an initial and foremost, have actually an honest discussion with your medical provider. They’ll likely want come be certain there no an underlying medical concern.


Can Ensure assist with Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness and nausea deserve to turn plenty of pregnant females off from food. If you room vomiting ~ a meal, are unable to store solid foods down, or if you’re for this reason nauseated that no food sound appetizing, drinking an Ensure deserve to be a good safety net and also keep your nutrition up.

Sipping top top the shower is often simpler than sitting down to a complete meal, especially if nauseous or if the odor of food is off putting. Select a style greater in power to help make increase what you’re missing from food.

Drinking one Ensure won’t stave turn off morning sickness, yet having a very empty stomach can likewise lead to nausea. Beside from staying hydrated v water or electrolytes drinks, drinking an Ensure deserve to “buffer” a too-empty stomach and might help you feel a bit much less sick.

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How lot Ensure have the right to I Have everyday if i’m Pregnant?

According to the main Ensure website, 48-64 fluid ounces (or 6-8 bottles) of ensure Original/Plus is the maximum encourage amount for healthy and balanced adults. However, throughout pregnancy, overconsuming vitamin A can lead to birth defects.

Each 8 oz serving of certain Original contains 1,250 worldwide units (IU) the vitamin A (source: Abbott Nutrition). Contrasted this come the maximum border of 10,000 IU vitamin A encourage by the civilization Health organization (source: Nutrients). You would have to drink 8 party of ensure Original day-to-day to hit this lot of vitamin A!

More than likely, however, you’ll be getting vitamin A from various other sources together well. Both foods and prenatal vitamins add vitamin A. The amount of vitamin A in prenatal vitamins varieties from roughly 2000-5000 IU, which can be a far-reaching part of your everyday total. For a deep-dive into vitamin A toxicity in pregnancy, check out this article.