So, who are our left handed Presidents? Presidents Gerald R. Ford, George Bush, invoice Clinton and also Barack Obama were born left-handed (Per the new York Times, Ronald Reagan learned come write v his right hand). Hoover and Truman room sorta questionable together they wrote v their right hands. However, I was able to grab a snapshot of Truman throwing lefty.

Though Reagan wrote v his right hand, that is thought to it is in a herbal lefty who was trained come write v his appropriate hand at an early stage in life, together was usual in schools before the critical 60 years. It would"t surprised me at every that appropriate handedness or ambidexterity was something the Reagan, Truman and also Hoover learned come do since left handedness provided to be seen as something that needed to be corrected. 

Per History, "James Garfield was likewise the an initial known southpaw to occupy the Oval Office. In enhancement to being ambidextrous, or able to use his left and right hands through equal facility, Garfield additionally spoke and wrote several various languages. His talents to be so commemorated that human being said he might write a sentence in Latin through one hand while concurrently writing the exact same sentence in Greek through the other." together you could imagine, recognize a picture of former President Garfield is rather a challenge. We"re going from words of ours brilliant historians at History.

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Left-Handed U.S. Presidents
James A. Garfield (1831-1881) 20th

James Abram Garfield (November 19, 1831 – September 19, 1881) was the 20th chairman of the united States, offer from march 4, 1881, until his assassination later on that year. Garfield had served ripe terms in the house of Representatives, and also had been elected to the Senate before his candidacy because that the White House, though he decreased the Senate seat once he was chosen president. He is the just sitting residence member come be elected president.

Garfield was increased by his widowed mom in humble situations on one Ohio farm. He worked at various jobs, including on a canal boat, in his youth. Beginning at age 17, the attended several Ohio schools, climate studied at Williams university in Williamstown, Massachusetts, graduating in 1856. A year later, Garfield entered politics as a Republican. He married Lucretia Rudolph in 1858, and served together a member of the Ohio State Senate (1859–1861). Garfield protest Confederate secession, served as a major general in the Union army during the American civil War, and also fought in the battles of middle Creek, Shiloh, and Chickamauga. That was very first elected to conference in 1862 to represent Ohio"s 19th District. Throughout Garfield"s expanded congressional organization after the polite War, that firmly sustained the gold standard and gained a reputation together a professional orator. Garfield originally agreed v Radical Republican views concerning Reconstruction, however later favored a moderate approach for civil civil liberties enforcement for freedmen. Wikipedia



Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) 31st

Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) to be an American engineer, businessman and also politician who offered as the 31st chairman of the United says from 1929 to 1933 throughout the an excellent Depression. A Republican, as Secretary of business in the 1920s he introduced themes of effectiveness in the business community and detailed government support for standardization, efficiency and also international trade. Together president from 1929 come 1933, his domestic programs to be overshadowed by the start of the great Depression. Hoover was beat in a landslide election in 1932 by autonomous Franklin D. Roosevelt. After this loss, Hoover came to be staunchly conservative, and advocated against Roosevelt"s brand-new Deal policies.

A lifelong Quaker, he ended up being a successful mining engineer v a global perspective. He developed an international reputation as a humanitarian by leading worldwide relief initiatives in Belgium during world War I, 1914-1917. As soon as the U.S. Gotten in the battle in 1917 he came to be "food czar" together head of the U.S. Food administration with charge of much of the nation"s food supply and a massive advertising campaign to help consumers adjust and save. He operated well through President Woodrow Wilson and also the cabinet, and gained a huge national audience. After the war, the led the American Relief Administration, which listed food to the occupants of central Europe and Eastern Europe. Hoover was a popular among progressives together a potential candidate in the 1920 presidential election, however his candidacy conveniently petered out. Republican Warren G. Harding won and also appointed Hoover as Secretary the Commerce. Hoover was an unusually active and visible cabinet member, becoming known as "Secretary of Commerce and also Under-Secretary that all various other departments." Hoover won the Republican nomination in 1928, and also defeated Democrat Al blacksmith in a landslide. Hoover avoided the anti-Catholicism that hurt Smith, but in a time that peace and also prosperity his success was very likely. Wikipedia



Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) 33rd

Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972) to be an American statesman who offered as the 33rd president of the United states (1945–1953), taking office upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. A human being War i veteran, he assumed the presidency throughout the waning month of human being War II and the start of the Cold War. He is recognized for implementing the Marshall plan to rebuild the economic climate of western Europe, for the facility of the Truman Doctrine and NATO against Soviet and also Chinese Communism, and for intervening in the oriental War. In domestic affairs, he was a moderate Democrat whose liberal proposals to be a continuation of Franklin Roosevelt"s new Deal, however the conservative-dominated congress blocked most of them. He provided the veto power 180 times, more than any kind of president since and also saw 12 overridden by Congress; only Grover Cleveland and also Franklin D. Roosevelt used the veto so often and also only Gerald Ford and Andrew Johnson experienced so numerous veto overrides. The is the only human being leader to have used nuclear tools in war. He desegregated the U.S. Armed Forces, supported a freshly independent Israel and was a founder that the united Nations.

Truman to be born in Lamar, Missouri and also spent most of his youth on his family"s 600-acre farm close to Independence. In the critical months of human being War I, he served in combat in France as an pho officer with his national Guard unit. After the war, he briefly owned a haberdashery in Kansas City, Missouri, and joined the democratic Party and the political an equipment of Tom Pendergast. Truman was an initial elected to public office as a county official in 1922, and then as a U.S. City council in 1934. He got national prominence as chairman that the Truman Committee, developed in in march 1941, i beg your pardon aimed to find and correct waste and also inefficiency in Federal government wartime contracts. Wikipedia


Gerald Ford (1913-2006) 38th

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. (born Leslie Lynch King Jr; July 14, 1913 – December 26, 2006) was an American politician who served as the 38th president of the United states from respectable 1974 to January 1977. Prior to his accession to the presidency, he offered as the 40th Vice chairman of the United says from December 1973 to august 1974. Ford is the only person to have actually served as both evil president and also president there is no being chosen to either office. His 895 day-long presidency is the shortest in U.S. History for any president who did no die in office.

Ford to be born in Omaha, Nebraska, and attended the college of Michigan and also Yale legislation School. After ~ the assault on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserve, offer from 1942 come 1946; that left together a sublievenant commander. Ford began his political job in 1949 together the U.S. Representative indigenous Michigan"s 5th congressional district. He offered in this volume for 25 years, the last nine of them as the house Minority Leader. Following the resignation that Spiro Agnew, he was the very first person appointed to the vice presidency under the terms of the 25th Amendment. After the resignation the Richard Nixon, Ford immediately assumed the presidency. Wikipedia


Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004) 40th

Ronald Wilson Reagan ( February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was an American politician and also actor who offered as the 40th chairman of the United claims from 1981 come 1989. Prior to the presidency, he was a Hollywood actor and trade union leader before serving as the 33rd branch of California indigenous 1967 to 1975.

Reagan was increased in a poor family in tiny towns of north Illinois. He graduated from Eureka university in 1932 and also worked as a sports announcer on several regional radio stations. After moving to Hollywood in 1937, he became an actor and also starred in a couple of major productions. Reagan was twice elected President that the display Actors Guild—the job union because that actors—where he worked to root the end Communist influence. In the 1950s, the moved right into television and also was a motivational speaker at General electrical factories. Reagan had actually been a Democrat until 1962, as soon as he came to be a conservative and switched to the Republican Party. In 1964, Reagan"s speech, "A Time because that Choosing", sustained Barry Goldwater"s foundering presidential campaign and also earned him nationwide attention together a brand-new conservative spokesman. Structure a network of supporters, he was chosen Governor the California in 1966. Together governor, Reagan elevated taxes, turn a state spending plan deficit to a surplus, tested the protesters at the college of California, notified in national Guard troops throughout a period of protest motions in 1969, and was re-elected in 1970. He twice ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination, in 1968 and 1976. 4 years later on in 1980, he winner the nomination, and then defeated incumbent president Jimmy Carter. In ~ 69 years, 349 days of age at the time of his inauguration, he came to be the oldest president-elect to take the oath the office (a difference now hosted by Donald Trump, due to the fact that 2017). Reagan faced former vice president Walter Mondale as soon as he ran because that re-election in 1984, and defeated the in a landslide with the biggest electoral college success in American history. Wikipedia 


George H.W. Bush (1924-2018) 41st

George Herbert Walker bush (born June 12, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 41st president of the United states from 1989 come 1993. Prior to assuming the presidency, bush served together the 43rd Vice chairman of the United says from 1981 to 1989. A member that the Republican Party, he had previously been a Congressman, Ambassador and Director of main Intelligence. Throughout his job in public service, that was known simply together George Bush; due to the fact that 2001, the has frequently been referred to as "George H. W. Bush", "Bush 41", or "George shrub Senior" in stimulate to differentiate him from his eldest son, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the unified States. The is the nation"s earliest living president and vice president, as well as the longest-lived chairman in history.

A member the the bush family, he to be born in Milton, Massachusetts come Prescott Bush and also Dorothy walker Bush. Complying with the attack on Pearl port on December 7, 1941, shrub postponed his university studies, enlisted in the U.S. Navy on his 18th birthday, and became the youngest aviator in the U.S. Marine at the time. He offered until September 1945, then attended Yale University. Graduating in 1948, he moved his family to West Texas, wherein he gotten in the oil business and became a millionaire through the age of 40 in 1964. Quickly after founding his very own oil company, shrub became associated in politics and won election to the home of representatives in 1966. In 1971, chairman Richard Nixon appointed bush as Ambassador come the unified Nations, and also in 1973, Bush ended up being the Chairman of the Republican national Committee. The complying with year, chairman Gerald Ford appointed bush as the ambassador to China and also later reassigned shrub to the place of director of central Intelligence. Bush ran because that president in 1980 yet was defeated in the Republican main by Ronald Reagan. Reagan chose shrub as his running mate, and also Bush ended up being vice chairman after the Reagan–Bush ticket winner the 1980 election. Throughout his eight-year tenure together vice president, shrub headed administration task forces on deregulation and also fighting the battle on Drugs. Wikipedia



Bill Clinton (1946- ) 42nd

William Jefferson Clinton (born william Jefferson Blythe III; respectable 19, 1946) is one American politician who served as the 42nd president of the United states from 1993 come 2001. Before the presidency, he was the governor of Arkansas native 1979 come 1981, and also again indigenous 1983 to 1992. A member the the democratic Party, Clinton was ideologically a brand-new Democrat and many that his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.

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Clinton to be born and also raised in Arkansas and also attended Georgetown University, the college of Oxford, and Yale legislation School. He met Hillary Rodham at Yale and married her in 1975. After graduating from Yale, Clinton went back to Arkansas and won election together the Attorney basic of Arkansas, offer from 1977 to 1979. As governor of Arkansas, Clinton overhauled the state"s education system and served together chairman that the national Governors Association. Clinton was elected president in 1992, defeating incumbent Republican opponent George H. W. Bush. At age 46, he became the third-youngest president and the very first from the baby Boomer generation. Wikipedia

Barack Obama (1961- ) 44th

Barack Hussein Obama II (born august 4, 1961) is an American politician who offered as the 44th chairman of the United states from January 20, 2009, come January 20, 2017. The an initial African American to i think the presidency, that was previously the junior United says Senator indigenous Illinois indigenous 2005 come 2008. Before that, he offered in the Illinois State Senate indigenous 1997 till 2004.

Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, two years after ~ the region was admitted come the Union as the 50th state. Raised greatly in Hawaii, he additionally spent one year that his childhood in Washington State and four years in Indonesia. After graduating native Columbia university in 1983, he operated as a ar organizer in Chicago. In 1988, that enrolled in Harvard legislation School, where he to be the very first black chairman of the Harvard law Review. After graduation, he ended up being a civil civil liberties attorney and also professor and taught constitutional regulation at the university of Chicago legislation School from 1992 to 2004. He stood for the 13th district for 3 terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, once he ran for the U.S. Senate. That received nationwide attention in 2004 through his unexpected March major win, his well-received July autonomous National Convention keynote address, and his landslide November choice to the Senate. In 2008, he to be nominated because that president a year after his campaign began and also after a close primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. The was elected over Republican john McCain and was inaugurated ~ above January 20, 2009. Ripe months later, that was called the 2009 Nobel tranquility Prize laureate, agree the award with the caveat the he felt there were others "far an ext deserving the this honor 보다 I." Wikipedia