JAPAN VISA details HOTLINE (24 hrs / 7 days a week, English only)- 1-202-773-9557 (From U.S.A.) - 1-787-705-4734 (From Puerto Rico)

* This hotline is designated because that visa applicants residents in the U.S.A or Puerto Rico.

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* If you are calling native the U.S.A or Puerto Rico, you will certainly be charged a domestic speak to fee for her call.* This Hotline will certainly only carry out general information about Japanese visas.* The Hotline will not attach you come the Consulate-General"s visa section. If you need to contact the Consulate-General in regards to a pending visa application, please contact the Consulate-General straight at (212)888-0889 throughout office hours.

* application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible because that Phased procedures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel

* Border enforcement procedures to protect against the spread of novel coronavirmedtox.org (COVID-19)

* The Japanese Government growth of the Entry ban to include the U.S.(April.1, 2020)
* Temporary change of Consular service

Welcome to the Visa details page. The Visa ar of the Consulate general of Japan in new York takes treatment of the issuance of visas to international nationals who wish to enter Japan. Whether you need to achieve a visa in order to get in Japan different according to the objective of visit, length of your stay, her nationality, etc. So please read the adhering to instructions closely to determine if you need a visa.

* Currently, all foreign nationals that wish come newly get in Japan require to apply for a visa other than for those through re-entry permit. A international national who is considered to have a "special superior circumstance" might be able to achieve a visa.* please be aware, if you receive a valid visa via a "special outstanding circumstance," you might be asked to existing proof of said "special impressive circumstance" come immigration police officers upon landing in Japan.

Window Hours

Our brand-new office hrs are as follows:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and also Friday 09:30 am - 1:00 PM(We will be close up door holidays).*Temporary change of Visa Application window hours:Visa Window will certainly be open as follows:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and also Friday 09:30 to be - 1:00 PM However, visa applications are right now only being welcomed 12:00 noon - 13:00 PM.(Visa home window will be closed holidays).*Services accessible by appointment onlyIn stimulate to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we expropriate visitors only by meeting at this time.Please view the link listed below for the detailed information.https://www.medtox.org/

Visa Fees

Visa fees will certainly be required for choose up time only, except for those citizens of the countries are exempt from visa fees.http://www.medtox.org/en/d/06.html

Copies that documents

The Consulate basic of Japan will certainly not do copies. A an excellent rule of thumb: If you desire the file back, lug the original and also a photocopy.

Processing Time

Due come the impact of COVID-19, visa approval in most cases takes 2-6 weeks.

Applying by Mail

Applications space no longer welcomed by mail. Mail-in applications will be went back at the applicant"s expense.

Who can use for a visa?

1) The visa applicant may apply in person.2) A proxy may use on the applicant"s behalf through a letter of proxy/power of attorney.3) A travel agent who has registered with this consulate may apply on behalf of the applicant.When a visa applications is filed by proxy, the applicant mmedtox.orgt it is in physically in the united States, also if the visa applicant stop a certificate of eligibility. In part cases, the applicant might be requested to show up in human for an interview. Please keep in mind that applications will certainly not be accepted if the records are inadequate.

Visa applications have to be made in ~ the Japanese embassy or consulate v jurisdiction end applicant"s place of irreversible residence. Girlfriend may apply for a visa in ~ this Consulate if girlfriend live, work, and also are right now within the area covered by this Consulate
. That area is composed of brand-new York State, Delaware, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, and also West Virginia. If girlfriend live and work in Connecticut, you may use for a visa here, yet only if friend live and work in Fairfield County. If you space not situated within the area extended by this Consulate, please call the Japanese Consulate or Embassy that handles visas for your area. We may decline visa applications from areas outside our jurisdiction.* please note: as of January 1, 2015, the state the Maryland i do not care under the jurisdiction the the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC.If you have actually amedtox.org questions, you re welcome feel free to speak to the Visa section at 212-888-0889. Girlfriend may likewise click right here to send a inquiry for visa details by email.E-mail: visainfo

: We have the right to only respond come questions concerning visas at this address. The details that will be essential from friend is:Your nationality / citizenshipYour visa statmedtox.org in the united StatesDetailed function of your expedition to Japamedtox.orgour intended size of stay in Japamedtox.orgour occupatiomedtox.orgour present place the residence & phone call number
ATTENTIONDue to the large volume of inquires through email, we room not able to respond to every one of them. If you perform not hear native medtox.org, please compose to medtox.org or call medtox.org to obtain information. Say thanks to you.

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For general information on Japanese Visas, click here to access the Japanese foreign Ministry"s website. You may likewise inquire by call the JAPAN VISA information HOTLINE.

The downloadable Visa Application form ( Sample ) accessible on the Website might be medtox.orged because that Visa applications in ~ this Consulate.