On October 25th, two YouTubers, mark Rober and Jimmy Donaldson—better recognized by your channel name MrBeast—launched an initiative they call #TeamTrees.

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Each disagreement donated method one tree will be planted through the goal of planting 20 million tree by 2020. The donations go straight to Arbor job Foundation, who will be responsible for facilitating the planting. The trees will start being planted internationally at the start of 2020, with the procedure starting in areas with a warmer climate. 

Raising over $8 million in ~ the an initial week, the donated amount has since grown to $15,387,233 at the moment of writing. #TeamTrees very first went viral amongst the YouTube creator community due to other renowned YouTubers making big donations, such together $69,420 from PewDiePie, $33,333 native TheOdd1sOut, and $20,000 indigenous Jacksepticeye.

However, as soon as looking in ~ the height Donors perform on Teamtrees.org, it is not YouTubers or various other content creators that take the top spots, however rather company executives. 




Executives on the peak Donors List

In this section, we will be looking at the executives on #TeamTree’s height Donors list and evaluating their Twitter posts that refer to their involvement with the campaign. Because the function is to analyze how executives use social media, we will only be including individuals and also skipping donations made by brand or service providers as a whole. Spring at these tweets will shed more light on how executives room using social media come not just amplify their own position, yet how the connects ago to their agency to do a optimistic impression.


1. Tobi Lütke: 1,000,001 trees donated ~ above October 30

Coming in at #1 ~ above #TeamTree’s height Donors perform is Shopify’s co-founder and also CEO, Tobi Lütke. He posted a wire of tweets to celebrate his platform reaching 1 million sellers when a user argued Lütke donate 1 million tree to match that number. 




Lütke agreed to the idea in his follow-up tweet: 




This is a strong reply, showcasing both his own personality and an effective brand connection. In regards to branding, he provides a straight reference come Shopify getting to 1 million merchants, connecting the number to the number of trees he is donating. Through donating 1,000,001 trees, he edges the end the vault #1 ranked donor, Elon Musk, by a single tree. Lütke has actually tagged appropriate people, including Musk himself and also one of the campaign’s creators, though tagging
Shopify would have actually been an effective means to traction in the brand’s social together well. The tweet is likewise successful in showcasing Lütke’s personality. He offers a meme that is right now popular, “OK Boomer,” and also makes a self-deprecating joke around his vault venture.

Lütke has due to the fact that continued to tweet around #TeamTrees, while additionally editing his Twitter profile info to incorporate “Lorax,” a Dr. Seuss character, and also tree emojis.




This donation aligns v Shopify’s commitment to take action against climate readjust as the firm commits at the very least $5 million USD annually toward eco-friendly investments. If Lütke walk not link to or point out Shopify’s eco-friendly initiatives, this can have to be one means to educate the audience around issues crucial to the company.


2. Elon Musk: 1,000,000 trees donated on October 29

Although he shed the #1 crown come Lütke, Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO that Tesla, Inc., have the right to still be proud that the fact he has actually donated 1 million trees to #TeamTrees. What is interesting to keep in mind is the Musk take away initiative and asks about the project and, after ~ learning around it, responds through a tweet that is right to the point. 




Of all the executives top top the optimal Donor list, Musk’s tweet has the most engagement overall, receiving over 370,000 likes and over 61,000 retweets. His subsequent connected tweets have additionally received a most engagement as well, v Musk introduce to and also quoting Treebeard, a personality from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel, The mr of the Rings. 




While Musk renders no link to the Tesla brand, his support of the #TeamTrees project is on-brand due to the fact that electric cars space a far better alternative for the environment. 


3. Marc Benioff: 900,000 trees donated on Nov 6

Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, is no afraid to call out various other executives and also has been among the much more vocal executives in do the efforts to gain his peers to tackle crucial social issues, such as wide range disparity and also climate change. 

Unlike the previous two executives, Benioff did no tweet together much about #TeamTrees or make any kind of announcement on social media about his donation. The only tweet whereby he describes it is in this “thank you” tweet to MrBeast and also Musk.




In his donation, Benioff writes, “Inspired by Treelon,” referring to the short period of time in which Musk adjusted his Twitter name to “Treelon” after ~ his donation. Due to the fact that Benioff has not do any significant tweets around #TeamTrees, his tweets have actually not viewed as much engagement contrasted to other executives ~ above the top Donor lists. Salesforce does have a background of beginning projects pertained to the atmosphere so Benioff’s involvement through #TeamTrees is a natural fit because that the brand. 

4. Susan Wojcicki: 200,000 trees donated top top Oct 30

With the #4 clues being held by a company, the following highest-ranking executive, management on the optimal Donors list is Susan Wojcicki, the CEO the YouTube. Compared to the tweets we have seen ~ above the list so far, Wojcicki’s tweet is an extremely composed and takes a an ext professional tone.

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Incredible to watch the inert of #TeamTrees and also the power of the
MarkRober for her leadership! https://t.co/ecIYetjHQ1 pic.twitter.com/SNDpdTbxgv

— Susan Wojcicki (
SusanWojcicki) October 30, 2019


So far, Wojcicki is the an initial executive on the list to both usage the #TeamTrees hashtag and tag
arborday. Her tweet has all appropriate tags, such together the campaign’s co-creator, note Rober. In terms of branding, she likewise tags
YouTube and calls the end that the communication is wherein the project originated from.  

Wojcicki went a step further and created a 2:30 video where she is planting a tree together Rober. The video has virtually 50,000 views and over 3,600 likes. In her tweet, connecting the #TeamTrees movement to YouTube has less to do around making the firm seem environmentally familiar and much more to do with cultivating the communication itself. Wojcicki provides a straight reference to YouTube’s neighborhood of contents creators and also how they room proactive and engaged in the project. That highlights how YouTube have the right to be used as a platform for optimistic change. 


5 and 6. Jack Dorsey: 150,000 trees donated top top Oct 29 and also 200,000 trees donated ~ above Oct 31

Co-founder and also CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, takes increase both #6 and #7 point out on the peak Donor list. Dorsey has actually not made any kind of official point out of his involvement through #TeamTrees on either his Twitter or his Instagram account (which has been inactive because that a long time). Currently, there is no main confirmation native Twitter or Dorsey that he do the donations, or if who made them in his name. 

7. Jean-Michel Lemieux: 100,100 tree donated on Oct 31 

Another Shopify executive makes the list, with Jean-Michel Lemieux coming in at #8. Influenced by his CEO, Tobi Lütke, Lemieux likewise joined the campaign while call on other executives of smaller suppliers to participate. He declared that his donation amount would be based on the variety of retweets an unified with the number of likes his post received. Though his post did not get as plenty of likes as Musk, he did get far an ext retweets and also his write-up is amongst the top in terms of engagement. By phone call on users to participate and also like or retweet his article to journey up his donation amount, this resulted in a high degree of engagement indigenous users. Unlike various other executives on the list, Lemieux has actually pinned his tweet, do it more prominent on his page.


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