Hark the herald angels sing, Jesus the irradiate of the world

Author (stanzas): Charles Wesley; author (refrain): George D. ElderkinTune: WE'LL go IN THE LIGHTPublished in 45 hymnalsAudio files: MIDI, Recording

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Hark! The Herald Angels song (Jesus, the irradiate of the World)

1 Hark! the herald angels sing. Jesus, the irradiate of the world.Glory come the newborn King, Jesus, the irradiate of the world.

Refrain:We’ll go in the light, beautiful light. Come wherein the dewdrops the mercy light bright.Oh, light all about us by day and by night. Jesus, the irradiate of the world.

2 Joyful, all you nations, rise. Jesus, the irradiate of the world. Sign up with the triumph that the skies.Jesus, the irradiate of the world.

3 Christ, by highest heav"n adored. Jesus, the light of the world.Christ, the everlasting Lord,Jesus, the irradiate of the world.

4 Hail the heav"n-born Prince the Peace. Jesus, the irradiate of the world.Hail, the sunlight of righteousness!Jesus, the irradiate of the world. Source: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: an african American ecumenical hymnal #277

Author (stanzas): Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley, M.A. Was the good hymn-writer of the Wesley family, perhaps, acquisition quantity and also quality right into consideration, the great hymn-writer of all ages. Charles Wesley to be the youngest son and also 18th kid of Samuel and Susanna Wesley, and was born in ~ Epworth Rectory, Dec. 18, 1707. In 1716 he saw Westminster School, being detailed with a home and board by his elder brother Samuel, then usher at the school, until 1721, when he was elected King"s Scholar, and as such obtained his board and also education free. In 1726 Charles Wesley was chosen to a Westminster studentship in ~ Christ Church, Oxford, where he take it his level in 1729, and became a college tutor. In the early component of the very same year his religious impressions were much deepene…Go to human being page >

Author (refrain): George D. Elderkin

Almost nothing is known around George D. Elderkin (b. 1845; d. 1928). There to be a George D. Elderkin Publishing company in Chicago i beg your pardon published four collections the gospel hymns entitled The best of the Wheat. Book Three (1904) includes 259 songs, consisting of music through both George D. And George W. Elderkin, “for prayer and evangelistic meetings, church and missionary services, Sunday schools and young people’s societies,” and was edited by Geo. D. Elderkin, C. C. McCabe, Wm. J. Kirkpatrick, H. L. Gilmour, G. W. Elderikn, and also F. A. Hardon.” It to be hardbound, and sold for 30 cents per copy, postpaid. Emily BrinkGo to human page >
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