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Ramadan is overThe brand-new moon's displayed her faceI'm halfway round the planetIn a many unlikely placeFollowing my track linePast bamboo shacks and also shopsBehind a jitney packed prefer sardinesWith bananas piled ~ above topI ran away from politicsIt's also bizarre at homeAway i flew, tuned right into Blue"Maybe Amsterdam or Rome"Awakened by a stewardessWith Spain somewhere belowOn the threshold that adventureGod I carry out love this project soSo while i make my moveOn the large board gameUp and also down a Spanish highwaySome things stay the sameGirls fulfill boysAnd the boys tease girlsI'm heading out this morningFor the much Side of the World
Oh I believe in tune linesObvious and also notI'd ridden them like camelsTo some most peculiar spotsThey run across the oceansThrough mountains and also saloonsAnd tonight the end to the dessertWhere i sit atop this duneI to be destined because that this vantage pointWhich is so far from the SeaI've lived it in the pages the Saint-ExuperyFrom Paris to TunisiaCasablanca come DakarI to be riding long before I flewThrough the wind and sand and starsCaravanRide that humpAnd Timbuktu's a jillion bumpsSleeping bags and battle flagsAre coiled and furledThat's the method you travelTo the far side of the world!
A Sunset framed through lightening boltsBurns a lasting memoryAnd a string of small twinkling lightsAdorn the sausage treeWhile the embers from the log fireFlicker, fly, and twirlThen drift off towards the cosmosFrom the much Side that the WorldWell it's Christmas and my birthdayAnd so to that extentThe Masai no the way menAre circling mine tentI teach them exactly how to play guitarThey present me just how to danceWe have actually rum indigenous the CaribbeanAnd Burgundy from FranceNew Year's eve in ZanzibarWith Babu and also his boysHigh up on the rooftopYou deserve to relish all the noiseThey space dancing ~ above the tablesPeople bouncing like gazellesTwo 0-0-1 is ushered inWith waiting raid horns and also bells
Time to song time come danceLiving out my 2nd chanceCobras and also sleeping bags space coiled and also curledThat's the way it happensOn the far Side of the WorldBack in ~ home, it's afternoonSix thousand miles awayI will still it is in there when I acquire throughAttending this soireeThere space jobs and chores and questionsAnd key I have to twirlBut this evening I'll take my chancesOn the far Side the the WorldThat's the means it happensOn the far Side of the World

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