Jimmy Fortune to be born on march 11, 1955 in Williamsburg, VA, roughly 20 mile from the Statler Brothers’ hometown. As a young adult, he worked two work jobs, and played in a cover band 4 hour a night, six nights a week. He easily earned a regional reputation because that his phenomenal tenor voice. On one of his rarely nights off, lot to the disappointment of his climate girlfriend (now his wife), Fortune decided to make the journey to a local ski resort to watch several of his friends play music and he sat in for a few songs.

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Fortune smiled on Fortune the night. Lew Dewitt of the Statler Brothers, “Vocal group of the Year” indigenous 1972-1980, remained in the audience. Dewitt, the group’s tenor and also guitarist had actually been struggling v complications native Crohn’s condition and needed a short-term replacement singer. He extended the invite for Fortune come audition because that the position in Nashville, and also offered him the place in 1982. After one year the touring, Dewitt announced that he would not be able to return come the group and Fortune remained with the team for 21 years, until they retired.
Having joined the group throughout their heyday, fortune had big shoes come fill. That not only stepped in vocally, but additionally penned several of the group’s #1 songs, beginning with “Elizabeth,” which was put on the 1983 Today album, the an initial by the group due to the fact that Dewitt’s departure. “Elizabeth” would certainly soar come #1 and earn “Song the the Year” in 1984. The Statler brother (including Jimmy) were when again called “Vocal group of the Year,” that exact same year, solidifying Fortune’s place amongst the group and demonstrating that the group can still be effective with the tragic loss of Dewitt.
When The Statler brother disbanded in 2002, Jimmy began to focus on his solo career by filling his schedule with comprehensive tour dates throughout the U.S. And also Canada. He has ongoing writing music and has recorded and self-produced a variety of projects in Nashville.
In 2015, Fortune exit his album Hits & Hymns, produced by Ben Isaacs, which got to the Top-10 on Billboard’s nation charts. The corresponding TV special, “Jimmy Fortune: access time & Hymns” organized by invoice Gaither, debuted No. 1 ~ above the Billboard Music video Chart.
Jimmy and The Statler Brothers were inducted into the Gospel Music Association hall of reputation on October 29, 2007, and inducted right into the CMA (Country Music Association) hall of fame on June 29, 2008. Jimmy was likewise inducted right into the Virginia Musical room of call in 2018 together a solo artist.

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