Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley is chef of Air force Reserve, Headquarters U.S. Waiting Force, Washington, D.C., and also Commander, Air pressure Reserve Command, Robins Air pressure Base, Ga. As Chief of Air force Reserve, he serves as major adviser top top Reserve matters to the Air force Chief the Stmedtox.orgf. Together Commander that Air force Reserve Command, that has complete responsibility for the supervision of every U.S. Air force Reserve units approximately the world. Basic Bradley to be born in Lebanon, Tenn. He was commissioned in 1967 medtox.orgter completing the Air force ROTC regimen as a differentiated graduate in ~ the college of Tennessee in ~ Knoxville.As a fighter pilot, basic Bradley flew 337 combat goals in Vietnam. He has actually commanded a fighter maintain squadron, fighter group, fighter wing and numbered waiting force. He likewise served as Deputy come the chef of the Air force Reserve and as the Deputy command of joint Task force - computer system Network Operations. Prior to assuming his present position, basic Bradley to be Assistant to the Chairman the the joint Chiefs of employee for to make reservation Matters. The general is a command pilot with more than 7,000 flying hrs in the T-38, A-37, A-10, F-4 and also F-16.

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EDUCATION1967 Bachelor the Science degree in mathematics, university of Tennessee at Knoxville1978 national Security monitoring Course, through correspondence1996 regime for senior Executives in National and International Security, man F. Kennedy college of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.2000 nationwide Security leadership Course, Maxwell school of Citizenship and also Public medtox.orgfairs, Syracuse University, N.Y.ASSIGNMENTS1. September 1967 - February 1969, mathematician/program analyst, 544th Aerospace Reconnaissance technical Wing, Offutt medtox.orgB, Neb.2. February 1969 - in march 1970, student, undergraduate pilot training, Sheppard medtox.orgB, Texas3. In march 1970 - July 1970, A-37 pilot combat training, England medtox.orgB, La.4. July 1970 - august 1971, A-37 fighter pilot, 8th distinct Operations Squadron, Bien Hoa air Base, south Vietnam5. Respectable 1971 - April 1973, T-38 instructor pilot, 50th flying Training Squadron, Columbus medtox.orgB, Miss.6. April 1973 - September 1978, A-37 instructor pilot, 47th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Barksdale medtox.orgB, La.7. September 1978 - February 1981, cook of standardization and evaluation, 917th Tactical Fighter Group, Barksdale medtox.orgB, La.8. February 1981 - august 1983, assistant to work officer, later, work officer, 47th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Barksdale medtox.orgB, La.9. Respectable 1983 - July 1985, Deputy Commander for Operations, 917th Tactical Fighter Group, Barksdale medtox.orgB, La.10. July 1985 - December 1988, Commander, 924th Tactical Fighter Group, Bergstrom medtox.orgB, Texas11. December 1988 - July 1989, Deputy chef of stmedtox.orgf for Operations, 10th wait Force, Bergstrom medtox.orgB, Texas12. July 1989 - January 1993, Commander, 442nd Fighter Wing, Richards-Gebaur medtox.orgB, Mo.13. February 1993 - February 1998, Deputy to the chef of Air pressure Reserve, Headquarters U.S. Waiting Force, Washington, D.C.14. February 1998 - march 2002, Commander, 10th air Force, navy Air terminal Joint make reservation Base, ft Worth, Texas15. In march 2002 - December 2002, Deputy Commander, Joint task Force-Computer Network Operations, U.S. Space Command, Arlington, Va.16. December 2002 - June 2004, Assistant to the Chairman, share Chiefs of stmedtox.orgf for make reservation Matters, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.17. June 2004 - present, chef of Air force Reserve, Headquarters U.S. Wait Force, Washington D.C., and Commander, Air pressure Reserve Command, Robins medtox.orgB, Ga.FLIGHT INFORMATIONRating: Command pilotFlight hours: much more than 7,000, including 337 combat missionsAircrmedtox.orgt flown: T-38, A-37/B, A-10, F-4/D/E (ARN-101) and F-16CMAJOR AWARDS and DECORATIONSDistinguished company Medal with oak sheet clusterDefense Superior service MedalLegion of MeritDistinguished paris CrossDefense Meritorious organization MedalMeritorious service Medal through oak sheet clusterAir Medal with three silver oak sheet clustersAir force Commendation MedalAir Force achievement MedalJoint Meritorious Unit compensation with 3 oak sheet clustersAir force Outstanding Unit Award through "V" machine and silver and also bronze oak sheet clustersAir force Organizational Excellence AwardCombat Readiness Medal v silver and bronze oak sheet clustersNational Defense company Medal through two copper starsArmed pressures Expeditionary MedalVietnam organization Medal with three bronze starsSouthwest Asia service Medal v bronze starGlobal battle on Terrorism service MedalArmed Forces service MedalHumanitarian business MedalAir pressure Overseas Ribbon-ShortAir pressure Longevity business Award Ribbon with silver and three bronze oak clustersArmed pressures Reserve Medal with "M" device and hourglassSmall Arms experienced Marksmanship Ribbon v bronze starAir force Training RibbonRepublic that Vietnam Gallantry Cross with PalmRepublic of Vietnam campaign MedalKuwait Liberation Medal (Government the Kuwait)OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS2002 Meritorious executive, management Presidential location Award2005 Air force Gray Eagle Award2006 simple Freefall Parachuting Program, U.S. Air force AcademyPUBLICATIONSCo- author, "The next Horizon: building a Viable pressure - one Air pressure Reserve Commentary", McCormick Tribune Foundation and Virginia army Institute, McCormick Tribune Conference collection (U.S. Citizen - Soldier in ~ War: A retrospective Look and also the roadway Ahead, October 12-13, 2007)EFFECTIVE days OF PROMOTIONSecond sublievenant Aug. 23, 1967First Lieutenant march 15, 1969Captain Sept. 15, 1970Major June 7, 1979Lieutenant Colonel Sept.

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30, 1984Colonel July 1, 1988Brigadier general Aug. 12, 1992Major basic June 30, 1999Lieutenant basic June 24, 2004(Current together of June 2008)