ESPN’s 30 for 30 might be the most engrossing movie series ever conceived. The stories are incredible, the interviews are overtly personal, and also the intake of genuine footage lets those of united state who didn’t get sports sentience until the late ’90s relive occasions that would’ve otherwise gone unexperienced by our millennial minds. My favourite so much is “You Don’t recognize Bo,” however you can’t walk wrong with a single one that them.

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ESPN watch to boost on their exceptional track document of 30 because that 30s with “Hit that Hard,” which will document the life of may be the most polarizing golfer of all time, john Daly. Here’s the trailer.

It just takes one look at man for you to know all you must know around him. The blonde mullet the he’s to be rocking because that decades and also the tobacco that’s always hanging native his mouth make it so the you aren’t surprised as soon as photos of him with topless ladies or videos of him singing “Knocking ~ above Heaven’s Door” at a bar job after he almost died of a broke down lung surface. Dude cares less about what other people think about him 보다 anybody who has ever before lived. At the very least that’s what I always thought until I witnessed this trailer. It shows up as if, maybe, other civilization are why man acted the means he did/does…

There’s just one method to find out. Get ready to hit the television difficult on Tuesday, November 1 at 8:00 p.m. EST because that the human being premiere the this prompt classic..

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By 8PM on election Night, I’ll be ready to song out the news networks (oh, and also swallow my pistol). Terrific programming alternative, ESPN.

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I not think you have the right to make a documentary about drinking a manage of wild turkey alone in a Hotel room. Not much substance there various other than the noticeable substances.