Judith ann Dorothea blunt -Lytton 16th Baroness Wentworth ( born February 6, 1873 in London, † 8 august 1957 in Crawley, Sussex ) to be a brothers aristocrat, a breeder of Arabian horses and also tennis player. As the owner the the stud Crabbet Park in the duration 1917-1957 had a profound affect on the breeding background Arabian Thoroughbred horses worldwide. In ~ the beginning of the 21st century led around 90 % of every registered v the civilization Organization WAHO pets blood native the currently of Crabbet breeding.

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Judith was the eldest daughter that Wilfrid Scawen dull British poet and also his wife ann Blunt, who was a crucial figure in the founding of the european Arabian breed. She great-grandfather to be the poet lord Byron. Judith spent much of her childhood in Egypt and the middle East, wherein her parental were affiliated in the purchase of Arabian equines for your studs. Thus, the whole family was familiar with the society of the center East and mastered the Arabic and also Turkish language fluently.

On February 2, 1899 married Judith Neville Stephen Lytton, the youngest boy of the Earl that Lytton in Cairo. Later, the pair moved come Crabbet Park, Sussex, UK, whereby it had actually three children:

Noel Anthony Scawen (1900-1985)Anne (later recognized as Lady ann Lytton ) ( 1901-1979 )Winifred (later known as Lady Winifrid Tryon ) (* 1904)

In 1904, Judith"s father perfect her Crabbet. In the very same year, she changed her last name to dull -Lytton. Two years later, Judith"s parents separated and divided the Crabbet. While her father Wilfrid stayed in the vicinity that the stud, her mother Lady Anne relocated to Egypt in your stud Sheykh Obeid close to Cairo, whereby they proceed bred Arabian horses.

1917 Judith inherited the title of Baroness Wentworth by she mother. As result of the initial efforts of she father, Judith come disinherit about the whole possession the Crabbet to attain Park, Judith fell out with her ​​mother, that then moved its re-publishing of Crabbet Park under the supervision that an live independence trustee come Judith"s daughter Anne. The upset Wilfrid and it pertained to a court battle, together a result, the property of the horses in the complying with years changed hands numerous times between the two studs. Wilfrid, now in serious financial troubles, respectively situated in that is possession equines sold to salary his debts. Some of these animals could Judith buy earlier later, plenty of of castle - especially those sold in the United says - yet eluded their grasp.

Later, Judith alienated from she husband and was more than likely divorced in 1923 by him. Neville married a short time later on again if Judith no married again and also gave herself approximately her death, the full management of your stud.

1947 came into Judith"s ex-husband Neville the title Earl of Lytton by his childless brother. After ~ his own death in 1951 the title passed come their kid Noel. After her divorce, Judith has alienated from their children and saw her kid Noel because that the first time after ~ 30 year on her deathbed in 1957 again. After her death, the title of Baron Wentworth talked about to it.

Judith"s daughter, Lady anne Lytton continued reproduction Arabian horses and also lent his civilization through their work.

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The Last will of Lady Judith Wentworth foresaw the their share need to go come the Crabbet at your stud manager Geoffrey Covey. However, this died a few days earlier Lady Wentworth, which is why the stud fell to his son Cecil. The building of the legacy on Crabbet exist today. Not help the stud to sell and also give the equines - However, after the construction of the brand-new M23 motorway separated the property right into two parts in 1971, Cecil Covey come - currently an old guy himself.