Boyd Maxwell and also Perry Schmidt report ~ above the latest developments in the exciting people of agree teaching.

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A lunch chat turns tense once one of the diners confronts the other around his annoying conversation habits.

With their leader running late right before a big performance, the members of a church choir turn versus each other.

A police officer tries to coax a confession the end of a rapper who lyrics imply that he committed a destructive crime.

A senator hold a push conference come contain a sex scandal, however the difficulty proves to it is in too far-ranging for him come handle.
A former military operative comes the end of retirement to take it on a new mission, but a lot"s readjusted since he"s to be gone.
When a mrs introduces her brand-new fiance to she parents, it"s clear the they have actually a major problem with him.
The valets chronicle the ups and downs the Robert Downey Jr."s career and pinpoint his cinematic heart mate.
A workplace bully tries come recoup his losses after ~ finding out that his most recent target is actually the president of the firm in disguise.

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