In the people of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, your weapon and also your armor space your ideal friends. Castle will protect you from damage - and there's a whole lot of injury out there. Knowing exactly how to repair armor and repair your tools is vital, together you'll desire to save them in great condition so they're always ready to go.

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While maintaining clothes and also swords clean helps with your reputation, keeping your weapons and also armor in pristine problem has an also greater advantage: tools will do much more damage once they're in pristine condition and armor will offer an ext protection the much less battered that is. Human being do also appreciate well-cared-for gear, so it raises your reputation too.

As such, girlfriend really need to repair your tools at every easily accessible opportunity. On this page, we show you how to repair her weapons, armor and clothes - either you yourself or v the help of a merchant.


Where to get an NPC come repair your armor, weapons, clothes and gear

While money is often pretty hard to come through in Kingdom Come Deliverance and early top top you'll most likely be conserving up come get a horse, the quickest and easiest way to gain your gear cared for is to pay somebody else to execute it. Distinct vendors and craftsmen exist who specialist in certain varieties of gear, for this reason you'll find yourself running from one next of a village to another in order to get everything you need done. Not all locations have all the different repair vendors, and some places don't have any type of - that really relies on the was standing of the town. 

Anyway, inspect out any kind of given city for vendors. Because that weapon fix you'll require a swordsmith or a blacksmith. Because that armor repair, an armorsmith or blacksmith have the right to do the job. Garments can be repaired by a tailor.

This is a nice quick, easy means to get your gear repaired - but it's also costly, and also money deserve to be pretty difficult to come through in Kingdom Come Deliverance's unforgiving, realism-driven function playing. If you desire to save cash, you're better off finding out the skills to repair your equipment yourself. Here's how that's done...


How to repair armor, weapons and clothes in Kingdom Come Deliverance you yourself for free

Among his various an abilities protagonist Henry has a skill dubbed 'Maintainence'. This skill comes to your capacity to repair equipment on your own - something that will conserve you a lot of money while likewise improving this skill at the same time. At an early stage in the video game you're not going come be experienced enough and will be forced to pay vendors as described above, yet over time you'll be able to build this ability up come do much more on your own, and also if you're really established you can grind it the end at the start of the game.

One point you deserve to do from very early ~ above is usage the grindstone found around various armor and weapon sellers to sharpen your swords. You can use this devices yourself without causing offense, and this is actually among the means you can clean your sword when it's been bloodied through battle. In the sword sharpening mini-game you merely need to line up the knife so the it throws sparks, and also keep going till it's pristine. Efficiently sharpening your sword will enhance your maintain skills.

The means your maintenance ability works is the the greater it levels the more facility repairs you'll be able to make. Early on you'll only have the ability to repair inexpensive, an easy items and only once they're quiet in relatively an excellent condition. As you level higher, you'll be able to repair an ext expensive and also impressive kit and repair ingredient that's much more badly damaged.

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When you're in a place to repair your armor, clothing, bows and so on, you'll want to use a kit. These can be discovered or purchased native shops, though even if girlfriend buy lock it works out quite bit cheaper than paying a vendor or seller to repair. 

Repair kits come in small and typical versions, v the normal kits enabling you to make bigger repairs more reliably. Armorer's kit are supplied for armor, a Blacksmith's kit is used to fix weapons and a Tailor's Kit will repair clothing. Remember, every time you repair you'll level up her maintenance, so as you perform it you'll progressively get far better over time.