In Knightfall, the Knights Templar welcome brand-new brothers to your fold. After dealing with the Luciferians, the Templars now challenge a much devastating dilemma. The Pope is dead. Now, God’s Executioners companion a fellow brother earlier to their church. However, the French have actually a different setup in terms of who go in and out of Rome.

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On Monday night’s illustration of Knightfall, Landry (Tom Cullen) and also his other Initiates complete their Templar training. At the night of their ordainment, Gabriel (Sam Hoare), a knight of the bespeak of St. Lazarus, reaches the Templar Castle. Upon hearing news of the Pope’s death, the Templars decide to alert various other Templars the the recent tragedy. After escorting Gabriel to their church, the Templars protect themselves a the French, led by Gawain (Pádraic Delaney) attack.

Guilty Consciences

Prince louis (Tom Forbes) might no much longer hide native his guilt. When William De Nogaret (Julian Ovenden) bring the widow, Lydia (Salóme Gunnarsdóttir) who husband and child the Prince murdered come testify to King Philip(Ed Stoppard) against the Templars, she recognizes the Prince. Prince Louis’ fast thinking aided him lead Lydia the end of the throne room. Later, Prince louis burns her alive, handing her baby’s blood. Through his troubles out of the way, Prince Louis now made love come his wife, Queen Margaret (Clementine Nicholson). However, the Queen has secrets as well.

Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt) and also Queen Margaret invested a work together, drinking their troubles away. The Princess listened intently come the Queen’s rants, thinking of a way to have power end her. Princess Isabella took Queen Margaret ~ above a picnic in a secluded forest area. After part time, she leaves the Queen, happen her 2 knights through her. As they left, Princess Isabella looked at the Queen enticingly.

Welcome Home, Brother

Landry, Kelton (Daniel Campbell), Rhone (Dean Ridge), and also Vasant (Joseph Ollman) are now Knight Templars, ordained by Grandmaster Jacques De Molay (Matthew Marsh) and Initiate grasp Talus (Mark Hamill). A couple of moments later, the Templars argue among each other as to what they must do concerning the Pope’s death. Recognizing that the French murdered the Pope, Landry insists top top fighting back. However, the receives much resistance from various other Templars, an especially those that dislike him. While prepare to escort Gabriel ago to the Church the Saint Lazarus, Kelton, Rhone, and also Vasant have a discussion around lepers and also how Rhone watch them together monsters. A leper once lugged his five-year-old sister, experiencing from a fever earlier to them, for this reason he blamed the leper for she death.

The journey to the church took whole day. Landry and Tancrede (Simon Merrells) use the moment to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Landry thought around his daughter Eve, absent her each moment they spent apart. Tancrede, ~ above the other hand, thought around what his life would have been if the woman betrothed come him, currently Sister anne (Claire Cooper) would have chosen to continue their marital relationship instead.

Finally, the Templars got to the Church of St. Lazarus. They greatly spent their time resting and praying, but the younger Templars took benefit of the time to mingle with the other members that the Order. Rhone uncovered it tough to disassociate the members of the Order indigenous the Leper who brought his sister to them. Top top the various other hand, Kelton offended Elizabeth (Bethan increased Young), who was likewise a leper, thinking that she is no one. While castle rested, a Lazarian Knight opens the doors because that a brother.

On The Defensive

Knights Templar and Lazarian Knights combated alongside each other as the French stormed the church. V minimal casualties, they push the French out of the church. In a quick moment the eerie silence, Landry, Gabriel, and the various other knights accept their final fate, yet fortunately, Landry devises a way plan. Together the French broke through the church door, the Templars and the Knights collection the floor top top fire, developing a barrier before charging after the French. In the chaos, Landry and also Gawain hit toe-to-toe. Luckily, the French are compelled to retreat together the Templars, and also the Knights obtain the top hand.

The French assault on the Church of St. Lazarus will not continue to be unnoticed. Talus decides come head warning the other Templars. Meanwhile, Kelton, Rhone, and also Vasant get instructions to go back to the holy place immediately. Top top the various other hand, Landry and Tancrede will take trip to the convent where Eve stays, before King Philip no one Gawain provides it difficult for him come visit his daughter.

‘Knightfall’ Season 2, illustration 4 ‘Equal before God’ last Verdict

So far, the fight sequence of this episode is the many epic. The part where the Templars and also the Knights let walk of the candles to be breathtaking. Also, Gawain and also Landry’s encounter may have been brief, however the intensity was there. Maybe at the end of the season, a final fight between the former brothers happens. For now, the biggest an obstacle that the Templars confront would be sending out out native of the French’s treachery. Otherwise, they room at danger of being captured by surprise.

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Knightfall proceeds Monday, April 22nd through ‘Road come Chartres’ at 10/9c top top History.