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I have actually the scoop top top all things LVO. Click right here if you desire to understand where to uncover top lists, period of Sigmar and also 40k war streamed live, and also the images of the best looking armies at the LVO. The Frontline Gaming team is working difficult on making this year’s LVO media coverage the finest it deserve to possibly be. I’m walking to do this simple. I break-up this article into part with details on topics friend guys frequently asked united state to cover last year. I am walking to provide you a run down of where to find the information and also include any necessary web links needed to make adhering to the LVO as easy as possible. If you have any kind of further inquiries we will certainly answer castle in the comments under below.

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One last thing, please share this with as plenty of of her friends together possible. Not only do we want world to monitor us and also promote our countless sponsors, yet we also want us much feedback as possible to make next year’s LVO bigger and better.


Alex Harrison, LVO 2016 40k Champion

40k Championships

– optimal 8 Lists: will certainly be put into an write-up on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning together with analysis and a player profile because that each competitor.

– rounds 1-6 Coverage: will be split between myself, the twitch stream, and various other media sites.

Each 40k champs day will be spanned in an separation, personal, instance blog write-up titled “Day 1/2/3”. Not just will you discover lists, interviews, and upsets ~ above these write-ups but you can also find photos of armies and also any various other fun goodies ns feel like including.


Army Lists

– people ask annually for army lists therefore I believed they deserved their own category. Girlfriend can certainly follow along on the blog whereby I will have the top 8 lists, with evaluation as well as various other distinct lists I pick up transparent the whole event, yet by far the best means to obtain lists at this occasion is v the best Coast Pairings mobile app.

– all you need to do is walk the the las Vegas open up 2017 in the finest Coast Pairings app, look for the player whose perform you desire to watch at and also click top top the matchup you desire to see. Climate look in ~ the perform they submitted for the event. I’ll include a photo for girlfriend below. The BCP app is easily accessible for Android, iOS, and internet browsers. It additionally is an impressive tool because that TO’s to aid organize 40k, AoS, Warmahordes, or pretty much any event that requires software because that pairings.


Click top top the complement you want. In this instance Brandon Grant’s ring 1 game.


Pick what you want to see.


You deserve to see the mission results here. Poor Nikhil…


Here is Brandon’s list. Ns made the picture larger due to the fact that i’m sure you desire to check out what that was running in January.


Age that Sigmar

– This year we period of Sigmar is walking to prosper to new heights and also media coverage because that it is no exception. We setup on covering age of Sigmar via lot of outlets, 1 round on our twitch stream, pictures in blogs, interviews with period of Sigmar football player from approximately the world however where you are going to obtain the many coverage is indigenous the Warhammer community crew themselves.

– The Warhammer-Community crew is walk to it is in streaming ~ above Warhammer_TV and then most likely follow up through some more coverage of the event on the warhammer neighborhood page.


30K Horus Heresy

– There room going to be some beautiful armies in the Horus Heresy event this year, and you will have the ability to catch every one of them in our LVO 2017 snapshot gallery and also on the daily event coverage.

– If girlfriend don’t desire to wait you have the right to take a sneak peek on their facebook page and also trash talk the Loyalist/Traitor side you disagree through (within factor of course). It must be a fun even.



– Be certain to keep an eye on any kind of pictures the end of the WarmaHordes facebook group and also our an extremely own LVO gallery. Tyson, the TO, brings the heat yearly with some exceptional tables and this year will certainly be no exception.

– there is also going to be WarmaHordes coverage as well as an interview v Privateer press on our twitch channel.


Blood Bowl

– We right now have the best blood bowl event of the country, and also the males over at NAF room the factor why. It must be an absolute blast this year. Ns am looking forward to recording some real characters at the event.



– girlfriend can find all the info for the Infinity occasion here. We additionally have open up gaming for infinity for this reason if girlfriend aren’t signed increase you can still carry your models and also throw down.

– If you want to record some the the activity you can check out their facebook group.

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– Malifaux is going come be operation all weekend long with open up gaming, and also a different event Friday and Saturday means you can gain your wyrd to fill the whole time. Save an eye the end in the LVO gallery because that a tiny Malifaux action.

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