Strong and advanced features not only allow basic integration, but also open up brand-new possibilities.

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IPv6 compatibility

The resolution that hostnames come IPv6 or alternatively also IPv4 is supported. Direct use the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses is likewise possible.

assistance for IDN-Domains

In addition to consistent domain names, the new international domain names can be additionally correctly resolved and also translated into Punycode format. As a result, umlauts in the domain name are taken correctly.

SSL analysis

If a valid hold name is passed rather of one IP, an effort is do to advice its SSL certificate (if available). Gives information about validity, registrar, owner and associated various other domain names and fingerprints.

DNS record evaluation

If a organize name is passed rather of an IP, the DNS records connected with this organize name are also evaluated. Support all famous records like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, NS, SOA, CAA and so on.



Customer satisfaction is important. That"s why we always do our ideal to live approximately this goal.

progressed Support

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fine Documentation

Extensive and also easy-to-understand documentation makes integration also easier. This will conserve your developer time and money.


We make it straightforward for girlfriend to begin - through individual product packages for different applications.


€ 0.00 / month

15,000 requests / mo location Module link Module GET totally free API vital


€ 6.99 / month

50,000 requests / mo location Module connection Module money Module Timezone Module IPv6 support authorize UP


€ 39.99 / month

500,000 inquiry / mo place Module link Module money Module Timezone Module IPv6 support DNS Module SSL Module sign UP

Professional Plus

€ 69.99 / month

2,000,000 requests / mo location Module link Module money Module Timezone Module IPv6 assistance DNS Module SSL Module mass Endpoint authorize UP

Speed and also availability room extremely essential today. Therefore, we constantly do our ideal to satisfy these requirements. Many thanks to intuitive caching and also backup strategies, her data is constantly available.

In order to it is in compliant v data protection, our servers are all situated in Germany, and therefore additionally comply v the GDPR.

Regular business updates constantly guarantee the best feasible performance, performance and reliability that the service.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Strong and sophisticated features not only allow an easy integration, but likewise open up new possibilities.

What if i need more than 2.000.000 API requests per month?

Let us recognize your requirements and we will job-related out a custom solution for you.

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can I cancel anytime?

Yes. This is a subscription-based service and also your chosen plan renews instantly each month. You deserve to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.


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