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"A tiny Past little Rock" is a track written by Brett Jones, Tony Lane and also Jess Brown, and also recorded through American nation music artist Lee Ann Womack. It to be released in June 1998 together the very first single from she album Some points I Know. The tune peaked at number 2 top top the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Singles & monitor chart, behind "Wide open up Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks, her third song to simply miss the peak spot.

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I had actually to leave my life in DallasThat city will always be youIn every crowd, top top every corner,Every confront I"d check out youSo v nothing more than a tank of gasI drove far without looking backAnd i guess that"s how I acquired where ns amGoing almost everywhere as fast as i canNow I"m a small past little RockFurther down the lineToo soon to know what"s up aheadToo late to adjust my mindI"ve acquired to keep my heart the end of thisAnd both hand on the wheelI"m learning an ext with every mileJust exactly how leaving feelsIt"s a lonely stretch that blacktopOut into the blueDon"t recognize where I"ll goOr what I"ll doI"m a tiny past little Rock,But a long method from end youThese headlights ~ above the highwayDisappear into the darkAnd if I might have it mine wayI"d go back to where you areOh, however I can"t turn this thing aroundAnd nothing short of breaking downIs gonna get me off this road I"m onBut I"m quiet a much cry native goneBut I"m a little past little RockFurther under the lineToo shortly to know what"s up aheadToo late to readjust my mindI"ve got to save my heart the end of thisAnd both hands on the wheelI"m learning more with every mileJust just how leaving feelsIt"s a lonely stretch of blacktopOut into the blueDon"t know where I"ll goOr what I"ll doI"m a little past tiny Rock,But a long way from over youI"m a small past small RockBut a long means from end you

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Lee Ann Womack Lee Ann Womack (born august 19, 1966 in Jacksonville, Texas, joined States) is an American nation music singer and also songwriter, who is finest known for she old fashioned-styled nation music songs that often discuss subjects such together cheating and lost love. Her 2000 single, "I hope You Dance" was a major crossover music hit, reaching No. 1 top top the Billboard nation Chart and the peak 15 the the Billboard warm 100, coming to be her signature song. More »