A guy who featured in controversial pre-election anti-union advertising in 2007 is among eight people arrested in a series of Melbourne heroin raids.You are watching: Lesser mark of union

Mark 'Porky' Lesser and also his brothers Ian showed up in court top top Tuesday charged after 189 grams of heroin was discovered hidden in a amount say up a tree in a bayside Melbourne residential or commercial property on Monday.

You are watching: Lesser mark of union

Mark Lesser functioned as an actor playing one of three 'union thugs' through the construction Forestry Mining power Union (CFMEU) in the 2007 pro-Howard government, pro-Work selections ad.

The series of medtox.orgmercials were easily pulled from the air in controversial and also embarrassing situations amid union protests.

The service Coalition for rectal Reform - which had 19 organization groups - ran a $10.5 million campaign leading as much as the 2007 federal election, amidst department among Australians over the government's Work options industrial relationships reforms.

In the ad, 3 beefy CFMEU guys march right into a little business through a voice-over gloomily warning world that a Kevin Rudd federal government would mean "unions get brand-new legal strength to phone call them how to operation their business".

The guys then revolve off the lights.

Liberals' project strategists crossby Textor created the medtox.orgmercials.

Mark Lesser, 51, native Brighton and his brothers Ian Lesser, 57, from Elwood appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court ~ above Tuesday on dues of trafficking a medtox.orgmercial amount of illicit drugs and possessing proceeds of crime.

The brothers were remanded in custody by magistrate Fiona Stewart to appear in court again on July 7 and also did not get in a plea or use for bail.


Police indigenous the Moorabbin Divisional response Unit, in Melbourne's south, led raids on Monday ~ a nine-month medicine investigation and also arrested eight people.

Acting Inspector mark Zervaas said the arrests would have actually a significant impact on the circulation of illicit medicine in Melbourne's southeast.

"As component of this operation, police also seized a number of assets suspected of being proceeds that crime, including three cars," he stated in a statement.

"Not just do drug traffickers face heavy penalties, they also face losing assets built up through illegal activities."

Police seized amphetamines, heroin and cannabis on Monday - including the heroin in a sock at Elwood - following raids in suburbs consisting of Brighton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Fitzroy and Port Melbourne.

The raids followed a ripe month medicine investigation and also police likewise seized 3 cars and $7,950 in travellers cheques.

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Seven civilization were charged and also one cautioned over assorted offences including drug trafficking, possession and also breaches the an treatment order.See more: how To Train your Dragon 3 image S That'Ll assist You Train her Dragon

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