Letter from Houston tune Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Letter from Houston lyrics Rod Wave are provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer pole Wave. This track is form Pray 4 Love (Deluxe) album. This song will release on 7 respectable 2020.

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Letter indigenous Houston lyrics Rod Wave

Producer:– LondnBlue, Karltin Bankz, TnTXD & Tahj Money

Written:– pole Wave

Letter indigenous Houston lyrics Rod Wave

Your eye staring ago at me (Back at me)My love starts to skip a beatI pray that you will never understand (Never know)I autumn and then girlfriend look in mine eyes(Pipe the shit up, TnT)(Tahj Money)Hello?What you doin’?Laying hereOh, just chillin’?Just chillin’You sad right now?Yeah, I’m sadI love youI love you tooHahaha

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I composed this song for you, so you should pay attentionI was simply staring at the ceiling and got in my feelingsReminiscing around us fighting, fucking, and also chillingRight now, I’m riding with Memphis, passing through the cityI’m v my niggas, but I miss you, girl, don’t obtain it twistedAnd ns cannot wait ’til I see you, hug you, and also kiss youRemember when I had first met you just how I provided to sweat youI used to contact your phone and text you and tell you you’re specialLike girl, you’re special, you the kinda girl that i needI actually made your mind sometimes, i can’t believeWonder what your nigga to be thinking as soon as he let girlfriend leaveYou shot to leave, I might get under on my hands and also kneesI’m still a G, please believe, however girl, you make me weakYou make me feeling something I never felt, the reason I never leftA most hoes desire your position, yet they trippingYou been with me since the beginning and that’s the method I’ma end it

But just in situation you feeling you cannot stay, babeCars, clothes, and hoes, I’d profession it allFor a guarantee spot in your heartWonder carry out you miss out on me when I’m liven on the road?Wonder carry out you listen me? I’m in Houston every aloneAnd I’m reasoning ’bout you, yeah, yeahI been reasoning ’bout you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahJust in instance you feeling you can not stay, babeCars, clothes, and also hoes, I’d trade it allFor a guaranteed spot in her heartWonder execute you miss out on me when I’m liven on the road?Wonder do you listen me? I’m in Houston all aloneAnd I’m thinking ’bout you, yeah, yeahI been reasoning ’bout you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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