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John Hanes, MixingEngineer - Serban Ghenea, MixingEngineer - CHESTER BENNINGTON, lead Vocals - LINKIN PARK, MainArtist - Ethan Mates, engineer - mockery Newell, technician - Fraser T. Smith, AdditionalEngineer - Jerry Johnson, Technician - Andrew Bolooki, CoProducer - Jonathan Green, Writer, CoProducer - Alejandro Baima, AssistantEngineer - Tom Kahre, AdditionalEngineer - Warren Willis, Technician - Michael Kenji Shinoda, Writer - Dave "Phoenix" Farrell, bass Guitar, Backing Vocals - Bradford Philip Delson, Producer, Writer - Bradford "Brad" Delson, Guitar, Backing Vocals - Michael "Mike" Shinoda, Producer, technician - Robert "Rob" Bourdon, Drums, Backing Vocals - Joseph "Chairman Hahn" Hahn, Programmer, Backing Vocals

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1 disc(s) - 10 track(s) full length: 00:35:22
24-Bit 44.1 kHz - stereotype

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