There"s a church in the sink by the wildwood

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The Church in the Wildwood

Back to the Church in the Wildwood (Lean…

Back come the Church in the Wildwood (Lean…

1 There"s a church in the valley by the wildwood,No lovelier spot in the dale;No location is therefore dear to my childhoodAs the tiny brown church in the vale.

Refrain:Come come the church in the wildwood,Oh, concerned the church in the vale;No point out is for this reason dear to my childhoodAs the tiny brown church in the vale.

2 Oh, involved the church in the wildwood,To the trees where the wild flower bloom;Where the parting hymn will certainly be chanted,We will certainly weep through the next of the tomb.

3 how sweet ~ above a clear Sunday morning,To perform to the clean ringing bell;Its tones therefore sweetly are calling,Oh, involved the church in the vale.

4 from the church in the valley by the wildwood,When day fades away into might,I would certainly fain from this spot of my childhoodWing my way to the mansions of light. Source: Hymns because that a Pilgrim People: a congregational hymnal #306

Author: wilhelm S. Pitts

William Savage Pitts MD USA 1830-1918. Born at Yates, NY, the boy of Puritans, he was the 8th of nine children. He had actually musical ability from very early age, acquisition formal music lessons from a graduate that the Boston Handel & Hadyn Society. At age 19, the traveled with his household to rock County, WI, wherein he worked as a rural music schoolteacher in Union, WI. He taught for numerous years, there and also at singing schools, and for brass bands, composing lot of their music. In 1857 he traveled to Fredericksburg, IA, come visit his fiancee, Ann Eliza Warren, a teacher. Follow me the means he quit his horse-drawn wagon in ~ Bradford, IA, come rest. He walked across a field and saw a it s as beautiful as picture wooded valley formed by the Cedar River. The town hall the spot, h…Go to human being page >
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