"Varsity softball tryouts space coming up, and also I need the backyard come practice." Maddie told them

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"Forget it, Maddie. We were below first." Joey called her as he and also Parker high fived. As soon as Willow walked into the backyard

"Hi, Joey." Willow claimed smiling

"Oh, dear. Backyard is all yours, Maddie." Joey said as he picked up his bike and began riding it

"No, ns wasn't finished!" Parker yelled as Joey crashed and also screamed and a tire rolled towards us

"The backyard's all yours, Maddie." Parker stated as he choose up the tires

I walked the end my run studio to watch Maddie and also Willow practicing

"Okay, Willow, ready? Focus. Fire one in ~ me. Ideal here." Maddie told her together she pitched the ball and also smashed the pot

"Perfect If friend were play "smash that pot." ns told she

"Willow, you've been in a slump because that days." Maddie told she

"I simply can't concentrate." willow told her

"Okay, well, softball tryouts are this weekend, and if we desire to it is in the first sophomores to do varsity,then you gotta obtain your head in the game. What is her problem?" Maddie asked

"You know what? I just don't feeling comfortabletalking about it." willow told she

"Okay, well, we have to gain to the bottom of every little thing this is prior to tryouts. And if you're not willing to talk to me, then probably we need some skilled help." Maddie said her as the earlier door opened and also mom ran out

"Did someone say "professional help"? that is finally happening." She said

I placed on my jacket and leggings as mommy drove united state to she office at the school. Maddie, Willow, and I walked within moms office

"Thank you for seeing me in my office." mommy told united state

"Thank you for the ride." i told her as the three of united state sat down

"Well, I believed we would be much more comfortable here. And I assumed you'd be much more receptive to mine words if you can see every my degrees." She said reflecting us all her college levels

"So, pasture can't pitch." mom asked

"Exactly. Fix her." Maddie told her

"So friend tell me what is the first thing the pops into your head." mommy said reflecting her ink blots

"Joey." Willow stated as mother showed her an additional one

"Joey." She said Again as mommy showed her an additional one

"Joey ~ above a equine that looks like Joey." She said

"Okay. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and also say that this has something to carry out with Joey." mom asked she

"Wow, you're good." willow told her

"Joey? This totality thing is around Joey?" ns asked she

"Richie, this is a safe place. We execute not judge, also if that is the very first place your brain wants come go." mommy told me

"Okay, therefore what is walk on with you and also Joey?" mom asked she

"Nothing. That's the problem.

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It's springtime. Love is in the air, birds room chirping, yet all I deserve to think about is why doesn't mine sweet tiny Joey bird chirp in ~ me?" Willow said