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Wild and also Wonderful! these words to the right West Virginia come a T (W actually, yet you obtain the picture). If you’ve ever been to the mountain State, friend know simply what we’re talk about. Indigenous its beautiful nature and lack that crowds come its unbelievably low expense of living, the state formerly referred to as the “Switzerland that America” is without doubt a sight to behold and also a beautiful place to hang your hat.

Mulling over a move to West Virginia? We’re here to help. Great Guys Moving has put together this comfortable WV relocating guide, damaged down right into the adhering to sections:

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Living in West Virginia: What to Know before Moving to West Virginia

Relocating to the mountain State? If so, friend should consider a few things prior to heading come America’s 10th smallest state by total area (24,230 square miles) and also 38th largest state by populace (1.8 million).

Pros and Cons of living in West Virginia

Pros: Low price of living: If you’re trying to find cheap living expenses, West Virginia certainly does no disappoint. The current cost of living table of contents is just 78.1, contrasted to the US mean of 100. Cheap Housing: even if it is you desire to own or rent your home, it won’t put much of a dent in your wallet. The mean selling price is at this time $149,500, if a 2BR apartment is just $729 per month. Limitless outdoor adventures: yes a great reason the state’s signs say, “Wild and also Wonderful.” If she a nature lover, the mountains, trees, rivers, cricks, and an ext will record your heart. True four Seasons: also though the state is quite close come the Atlantic, it leans more toward a mid-continental climate. This climate outcomes in four distinctive seasons, including loss with the heavenly fall colors. Small town vibe: yes something to it is in said around a solid sense that community. Not everything is perfect, however at least neighbors approximately here know how to look out for every other. Not too crowded: want to escape the congestion of bigger metro areas? You deserve to breathe easy among WV’s majestic mountains. Even the state’s biggest cities are less densely packed, too. Cons: absence of jobs: The once-booming sectors of steel, coal, and glass are currently shadows the their previous selves. Of course, with death comes rebirth. The occupants of WV are still hopeful. populace decline: since 2010 or so, much more and more folks have been leaving the state in find of much better opportunities. This exodus is primarily due to the decrease of the steel and also coal industries. Drug crisis: home to some of the highest rates of drug overdose in the country, West Virginia also has maybe the highest percentage of human being suffering native opioid addiction in the US. Weirds laws: Every state’s got ’em, and also the Panhandle State is no exception. How around it being legal come take house roadkill? Yep. Falling sleep on a train? Nope, the one’s versus the law.

Is West Virginia a an excellent State come Live In?

West Virginia is a wonderful state because it provides a sanctuary indigenous the crowds, that enjoys a charming small-town vibe, and it has actually a low price of living. It might be home to few of the many rugged terrain in the country, but that simply adds come its unlimited “wild and wonderful” outdoor adventures. West Virginia is somewhat of a hidden gem and housing is a lot cheaper here contrasted to its an ext popular neighbors.

Tax Rates

residential property Tax: 0.59%. The efficient real-estate tax rate is #8 lowest in the US. Sales Tax: WV base state sales tax rate: 6%. Combined with regional taxes: 6–7%. Earnings Tax: 3–6.5%. The state has five tax rates (3%, 4%, 4.5%, 6, and 6.5%).

Housing Market

To rent or Buy? Overall, that is technically a better option come rent fairly than to buy a residence in West Virginia. But either way, housing prices are pleasantly low. Follow to a real estate costs malfunction by HousingWire, the typical mortgage is $997, while the mean monthly rental is just $681 every month.

Median residence Value: $99,700 median Rental Expense: $600 (1BR), $729 (2BR) Cheapest places to Live in West Virginia: Weirton Grafton Clarksburg Bluefield new Martinsville Oak Hill Princeton Dunbar south Charleston St. Albans

Cost of Living

According come the cost of living in West Virginia by BestPlaces, West Virginia has a price of living table of contents of 78.1. This table of contents is much reduced than the national typical of 100.

Using EPI’s Family budget Calculator, we have the right to compare the median monthly prices in 3 West Virginia areas. We’ll use a family members of 4 for these instances (2 adult + 2 kids).

Bethlehem (Wheeling subway Area): real estate = $695 Food = $711 Childcare = $1,139 transport = $1,187 health care = $1,112 other necessities = $567 counting = $779 Grand complete = $6,190 per month or $74,284 every year Charleston subway Area: real estate = $789 Food = $703 Childcare = $1,249 transportation = $1,137 health care = $1,535 other necessities = $602 taxes = $1,030 Grand total = $7,045 per month or $84,540 per year Morgantown subway Area: housing = $823 Food = $743 Childcare = $1,276 transport = $1,186 medical care = $1,417 other necessities = $632 counting = $1,050 Grand total = $7,127 per month or $85,523 per year

Weather & herbal Disasters

The state that West Virginia experience an all at once humid subtropical climate. This generally brings warmer summers and also cold winters.

Though it’s reasonably close to the Atlantic ocean (with Virginia and Maryland to the east), West Virginia experience a more mid-continental climate. This climate would certainly usually result in chillier winters and also hotter summers, however the Appalachian and Allegheny hills shield the state from extreme conditions.

Because of the humidity, summertime tends to feel hotter 보다 it is. During winter, the state watch snowfall that is an especially popular through winter sporting activities enthusiasts. The Allegheny hills receive a most rainfall, and climate varies substantially at greater elevations.

Climate Statistics: typical rainfall – 45 inches typical snowfall – 33 inch Sunshine – 164 clear days Summer high – 83°F (July) Winter low – 21°F (January)

The most common type of natural threat in West Virginia is flooding (followed by major storms and also mudslides). In 2018, West Virginia ranked #4 the end of all 50 says on gold Eagle’s state organic disaster preparedness list. For an ext info, inspect out the facility for threat Preparedness page.

organic Disaster – threats & Risks: Flooding major Storms Mudslides / Landslides Winter Storms dryness Remnants that Hurricane Wildfires Tornadoes Earthquakes

Economy & job Market

According to economic climate Rankings by united state News & world Report, West Virginia is right now ranked #50 in the unified States. This score is based upon three subcategories: business environment (#50), employment (#50), and also growth (#47). Its GDP is about $74 billion, and the median earnings is $24,478.

peak Industries: Mining (coal, herbal gas, etc.) medical care Chemicals Biotech Retail education and learning Manufacturing Hospitality Government professional Services top Employers: WVU medication (Morgantown) CAMC health and wellness System (Charleston) Urgent treatment MSO gmbh (Morgantown) Esmark (Wheeling) Ogden newspapers (Wheeling) Special metals Corporation (Huntington) DFS Newell (Newell) cutting board Memorial Hospital (South Charleston) Oglebay resort (Wheeling) Princeton community Hospital (Princeton) Cabell Huntington Hospital (Huntington) Marshall college (Huntington) Wheeling Hospital (Wheeling) Thomas health System (South Charleston) American Public education (Charles Town) RG steel Wheeling llc (Wheeling) WesBanco (Wheeling) Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & will (New Cumberland) OVMC and also EORH (Wheeling) Sterling Hospitality Inc. (Morgantown) trying to find work in West Virginia? right here are some handy resources: Get Started

Traffic and Transportation

According to Best and Worst claims to drive In by WalletHub, West Virginia come in in ~ #40 in the country. This ranking is based on four subcategories: cost of property & maintain (#21), traffic & infrastructure (#39), safety (#33), and access come vehicles & maintenance (#41).

major Forms the Transportation: Highways and also public roadways Air (including Yeager Airport) Rivers (commercial barge and also docks) Amtrak (Cardinal Route and also Capital restricted Route) rail (Durbin, Greenbrier Valley, and brand-new River Gorge mystery Train) Bus company (public bus systems, Greyhound) car Rental (major companies) personal vehicles Taxi organization (larger cities) Ridesharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) primary Interstate Highways: interstate 64: At nearly 189 mile in length, I-64 is West Virginia’s longest big of federal government highway. It operation the KY state line near Ashland to the VA state line near White Sulphur Springs. Federal government 68: This famous section of highway actions at just 31.5 mile long. I-68 travels from I-79 in Morgantown to the Maryland state line close by the tiny town of Friendsville, MD. Interstate 70: Even much shorter than I-68 – the the shortest size of the federal government highway in any kind of state at 14.45 mile – I-70 operation west-east from the Ohio state heat in Wheeling come the PA state line. Federal government 77: This major north-south federal government highway is a close second in size at around 187 miles. It goes indigenous the Ohio state line close to Marietta come the Virginia state heat close to Bluefield. Interstate 79: as a significant thoroughfare through West Virginia and also Western Pennsylvania, I-79 travels from the southern close to Charleston, WV to the north at the PA state line close to mount Morris, PA. Interstate 81: This ar is another shorter one at 26 miles in length. Created in 1963, it runs from the Virginia state line close come Rest, VA, to the Maryland state line in Williamsport, MD.

Things to Do

Looking for fun in West Virginia? here are the optimal picks.

tourist Destinations:

The mountain State is house to well-off American history and herbal attractions.

Heritage farm yard Museum & Village: dedicated to keeping Appalachian history, the village houses 15 log buildings, a blacksmith shop, petting zoo, and also much more. Harpers Ferry: This tiny town was whereby abolitionist man Brown raided the United claims arsenal, which sped the begin of the civil War. The Greenbrier: recognized as “The Bunker,” visitors can now explore this as soon as top-secret conference relocation facility from the Cold battle era. New River Gorge nationwide River: Ironically, one of the oldest rivers in north America, the is good for whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, and more. West Virginia Botanic Garden: This garden, which sits on the former Tibbs Reservoir, is house to 80 acre of local plants and landscapes. Food & Drink:

West Virginia has wild and also wonderful options! here are the top picks:

top All-You-Can-Eat: Quinet’s (New Martinsville) peak Bar: Mario’s Fishbowl (Morgantown) optimal Beer: Moxxee Coffee Stout, bridge Brew works (Fayetteville) optimal Brunch: Bluegrass Kitchen (Charleston) height Burger: avenue Eats (Wheeling) height Dive Bar: Doug’s Topside Tavern (South Charleston) Top cacao Shop: Holl’s coco (Vienna) height Coffee Shop: lost Dog Coffee (Shepherdstown) peak Donuts: jr Donut lock (Parkersburg) peak Farmers Market: Morgantown Farmers industry (Morgantown) State Parks:

Want to discover West Virginia’s wild and wonderful herbal beauty? think about these renowned parks:

Grandview State Park: great views, long walking trails, and playgrounds. Located in Beckley. Blackwater falls State Park: residence to 57-foot high Blackwater Falls, this state park is in Davis. Coopers rock State Park: This Bruceton Mills gem provides stunning views of canyon and more. Seneca Rocks State Park: Rocks rise 900 feet over North Fork river at this Seneca Rocks locale. Cass Scenic rail State Park: This park in Cass offers visitors gorgeous scenery and also guided tours. Museums:

Love history, art, and more? below are the peak 5 WV museums:

archive of the Afterlife: Self-described as the “National Museum that the Paranormal.” Appalachian Glass: This glassblower in Lewis County provides a an excellent little museum and also daily demonstrations that glassblowing. West Virginia State Museum: specialized to the history, culture, and art the West Virginia, this museum is in downtown Charleston. Green bank Observatory: take it a tourism to see several of the world’s best radio telescopes. Beckley Exhibition coal Mine & Youth Museum: Dig right into WV’s coal mining previous with this secret mining tour and also exhibitions. Cool & Unusual:

Looking because that something different to check out in West Virginia? inspect out:

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park: A deserted amusement park the sits on height of a indigenous American interment site. Situated in Rock. Thurmond, West Virginia: when a prosperous town, Thurmond is now West Virginia’s well known ghost town. Trans-Allegheny insane Asylum: This abandoned asylum in Weston is a popular destination for ghost hunters and also the like. Mothman Museum: located in allude Pleasant, this museum celebrates the mythology and background of the famous urban legend. Secret Hole: Kitschy and also odd, this roadside favourite in Ansted is house to purported heaviness anomalies and also a strange gift shop.

Schools and also Universities

Despite gift ranked #37 overall in states with the ideal schools through USA Today, West Virginia has actually the third highest high-school graduation rate at 89.8%. Together for higher education, the state is house to several tiny to midsize colleges and universities, including the public school of West Virginia college (WVU).

height WV Colleges: West Virginia college (Morgantown) West Virginia State university (Institute) Wheeling college (Wheeling) Shepherd university (Shepherdstown) university of Charleston (Charleston) Alderson Broaddus college (Philippi) Davis and also Elkins university (Elkins) West Virginia Wesleyan college (Buckhannon) Bluefield State university (Bluefield) Ohio Valley college (Vienna) height WV Public college Districts: Ohio County institutions (Wheeling) Monongalia County schools (Morgantown) Doddridge County institutions (West Union) Mineral County schools (Keyser) Issaquah school District (Parkersburg) Berkeley County institutions (Martinsburg) Harrison County institutions (Clarksburg) Jackson County schools (Ripley) Jefferson County schools (Charles Town) Tyler County colleges (Sistersville)

How to end up being a West Virginia Resident

To end up being an main resident that West Virginia (for number of benefits, consisting of taxes and also tuition eligibility), you should spend end 30 days in the state and show will to live right here permanently.

You can also claim residency if you room a “domiciliary resident” (have a permanent ar of residence) in the state the Virginia or the state that Pennsylvania while preserving a physical presence in West Virginia for longer than 183 days. For tuition purposes, please refer to each institution’s details criteria.

Get Started

Moving come West Virginia DMV

gaining a new driver’s license:

After relocating to West Virginia, brand-new residents who plan on control in the state have 30 days to acquire a WV driver’s license. You may transfer an out-of-state license if it is valid and also non-expired.

Steps to obtaining a brand-new license:

create West Virginia residency complete application Provide: ID, proof of social security number, 2 proofs that WV residency (showing name and address), and also proof of legal name adjust (if applicable) happen a vision screening complete alcohol awareness test Surrender out-of-state driver’s license If expired, have to take every tests and also examinations salary the applicable licensing fee vehicle registration:

New WV citizens must register and title one out-of-state car within 30 days.

If your auto is title under your name in one more state (and yes no lien), you must: 1) present existing title 2) send West Virginia title application (DMV-1-TR) 3) finish odometer disclosure statement 4) provide insurance information (must it is in from a agency licensed to market in West Virginia).

If a lienholder holds the title, you must: 1) complete West Virginia title application (DMV-1-TR) 2) provide insurance information (can perform on location application) 3) Complete odometer disclosure statement.

In one of two people case, be prepared to salary fees. For much more info, examine out the DMV title and also registration page.

To qualify to vote, you need to be: A United claims citizen A West Virginia resident 18 year or larger on election day

You have the right to register to vote digital (must administer ID info, date of birth, and also last four digits that social protection number), by mail (to ar clerk’s office or the Secretary of State’s Office), or in-person (via ar clerk’s office, Secretary the State’s office, department of engine Vehicles, and also other gov’t agencies).

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WV voters must current ID to vote at the polls on election day. West Virginia permits early voting. However, that does not permit no-excuse absentee vote or same-day voter registration.

*NOTE: A felon might re-register to poll in West Virginia as soon as he or his is no much longer incarcerated, on parole, or on probation (following the conviction the felony, treason or bribery in one election.)