around I Don"t deserve You

"I Don"t deserve You" is a song by American hip hop record artist Lloyd Banks, released as the second single native his 3rd album H. F. M. 2 (The Hunger for much more 2) (2010). The song features American R&B singer Jeremih and also was developed by J. U. S. T. I. C. E. League. The track was released together a digital download ~ above June 7, 2011 to iTunes and to radio on January 6, 2011.

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Ohhhh... Yeeah!Ohhhh... Yeeah!Ohhhh... Yeeah!Ooooooooohhhhhh!I think ns love you!But don"t let me gain in the street! (get in the way!)Don"t allow me stop you!Girl! indigenous doin" ya thang! (doin" ya thang!)Cause ns don"t deserve you. - Nooo!I don"t wanna pains you! (hurt you!)Play v ya mind, have you runnin" in circles!Don"t allow me acquire in the way! (get in the way!)It ain"t even ya puss", I gained ya mind!It"s generally a one method thing but baby girl acquired mine! (mine!)Perfection is the formula, once me an her integrate (combine!)Like liquid to the corner; yeah, you finger licking fine. (lickin" fine!)An in early out time (uh-huh!) I"m sure, I can please ya, squeeze ya, weak knee ya!Need you, favor you need me! An" don"t mislead ya! (yaaa!)Loves free! yet treat it wrong an" salary the price obtain downOn one knee! the bitch gon" leave with half ya life.Man think me! (believe me!) ns ain"t gon" feed you poor adviceLook it"s easy! (easy!) - for this reason don"t forget come strap increase tight!Right? (right, right!) - I"ll be selfish if I store ya for this reason (so?)I love you enough to let girlfriend go! (go!)Cause on the other hand I couldn"t take it itIf I placed all I gained an" friend an" someone gained you naked!You work difficult for money, but it"s harder when you do it.The shit"s comes fast, for this reason here"s ya heart, prior to I rest it. Yeah!Ugh! What kind of nigga would I be to host you up?You require someone to hold you under to wreck, ya life"s fucked up!I gotta shiver you out my system (uh-huh!) reason with the fuckin" an" kissin"An" every ya emotions mix puts me in a challenging position!Baby, what am I expect to do? (baby, what to be I mean to do?)I can"t controls my actions once I"m close come you! (I can"t control my actions once I"m close come you,)It"s been method too long, girl us overdue! (it"s been method too long, girl we overdue,)I guess: v the cake ain"t enough; U wanna eat it, too! (I guess the cake ain"t enough; friend wanna eat it, too!)See me an" you! (see me an" you) have a magnet in in between - that keeps pullin" me closer (yeah!)I"m favor an addict for ya scream! - You completely loaded toaster. (yeah!)Automatic v the beam! The baddest top top the Coast! (yeah!)I gotta have actually you like the green! Yo" swagga much more than most! (yeah!)I gotta sex drive, don"t permit me come L.A.X.Send me the next 5 look how they crowd on my lap!Booty, breast, thighs; store ya young relapsing backAnd girlfriend deserve method more 보다 that. I"ll just loss back!

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Lloyd financial institutions Christopher Charles Lloyd (born April 30, 1982), far better known by his phase name Lloyd Banks, is one American hip hop record artist and member the East shore hip hop team G-Unit along with childhood friends and also fellow American rappers 50 Cent and also Tony Yayo. Raised in south Jamaica, Queens, that dropped the end of high school in 1998. G-Unit released two albums, Beg because that Mercy in 2003 and also T.O.S. (Terminate ~ above Sight) in 2008. Financial institutions released his an initial solo album The Hunger for much more in 2004 with the height ten hit solitary "On Fire". He adhered to with Rotten apple in 2006 and left Interscope records 2009. In 2010 G-Unit signed through EMI to distribute Banks 3rd studio album H.F.M.

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2 (Hunger for an ext 2), which to be released top top November 22, 2010. More »