It’s not day-to-day that you review about wide receivers translating to the attack line, specifically after reaching the university level. Because that Cole Madison, his story is precisely that. Coming out of Kennedy Catholic High School, Madison was a chop end and was minimal with university offers. He had an sell from Idaho but ultimately determined Washington State. He love the campus, the coaches and the general feel that Washington State provided. This placed Madison in a unique position. He committed together an athlete in ~ 6’5″ and also 240 pounds. When on campus, that was easily working with vast receivers. Regardless of having rare athletic ability for a player that his size, that switched to attack line and has continued to be there ever since.

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After acquiring redshirted throughout his student in the first year year, Madison earn the starting right tackle role the complying with season. Since that time, he’s made 39 directly starts and also played in 47 gamings for the Cougars. Throughout the 2017 season, Madison aided the Cougars preserve a quick passing attack of 6.69 yards every attempt (YPA) for 366.8 yards per video game (YPG). Their pass-heavy violation is clear in the statistical column, yet what isn’t clean is how they don’t run the sphere effectively. The Cougars ran the round 303 time for just 884 yards. Your 68 yards rushing per game is ranked second-worst in the country.

That rushing assault doesn’t fall on the shoulders of Cole Madison. Because that the Cougars, they’re a pass-first offense. They had actually over 700 pass attempts top top the year, which to be the most in the country. Translating to the organization as a pass blocker shouldn’t be complicated for the senior Bowl invitee, yet let’s dive into what he struggles with and also what he excels with. His scouting report:

Strengths:Consistent broad base, plays listed below pad level and excels laterallyAverage operation blocker that chips off and also excels at reaching the 2nd levelEstablished pass blocker who handles a variety of pass rush move (especially spin moves; haven’t viewed him lose versus it)Anchors and also holds ground vs. PowerOperates fine in an are and anticipates the happen rush well

On the beat above, you’ll watch Cole Madison, the appropriate tackle (#61), take care of the happen rush well. That anticipates the rush and also shifts laterally from right to left. This doesn’t pressure him to offer up any type of ground for the leaf rusher to press the quarterback. However, his hand location is too much outside and he originally sets as well high, but he resets well and also prevents any kind of kind of a pass rush.

Weaknesses:Slow kick step that leads him to play flat-footedHand placement is much too inconsistentRarely watch him lock out on his keyLacks a good push on the point-of-attack (POA)

By the Numbers:

Games Watched: 4 (Stanford, Washington, Utah, Oregon)Height: 6’5Weight: 314 lbs.Class: senior (RS)Number: 61

2016 All-Pac 12 Honorable Mention2017 All-Pac 12 2nd teamAllowed only 2 sacks in 648 snaps in 2016Criminal justice majorAccepted an elderly Bowl invitation

WSU T Cole Madison is the nation's highest possible graded return tackle.

— PFF college (
PFF_College) august 6, 2017

On the beat above, you’ll see Madison (#61) chip off the defensive end and approach the second level v ease. Operation well in space, that locks his hands up inside on a linebacker, transforms him, and drives him five yards downfield.


Trying come wrap my head around this offensive tackle class is difficult. Connor Williams is my favorite attack tackle, however he’s got some injury concerns. Orlando Brown is a mauler, yet I wonder just how he’ll it is in athletically in ~ the next level. Mike McGlinchey isn’t great, yet he’s no terrible. He excels as a run blocker and should get far better as a happen blocker. Together for Cole Madison, that isn’t a left tackle. He’s only played ideal tackle and should just operate as a ideal tackle in ~ the next level.

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Certainly, he’ll get consideration as a flexible offensive lineman who have the right to slide inside. For any kind of coach, they’ll recognize to keep that in their back pocket. Madison is the form of possibility who has clean tape, however it’s dry. He’s no overly aggressive and doesn’t display screen a high motor. However, he’s a technician and should excel in Mobile, Alabama during the week of the senior Bowl. I have actually no issue with saying the he have to be a so late day two selection. However, with the way the NFL breeze works, ns wouldn’t be surprised if he finished up a day three selection. His power at the senior Bowl and also NFL Scouting incorporate will undoubtedly aid determine wherein he lands.


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