Manny Pacquiao will certainly look to stretch his to win streak to three once he bring away on undefeated Jeff Horn in Australia this weekend because that the WBO welterweight title. It"s the an initial bout because that Pac-Man since scoring a triumph end Jessie Vargas by unanimous decision in November.

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Meanwhile, Pacquiao represents by much the biggest difficulty of Horn"s career. The Hornet will certainly solidify himself together a top challenger in the welterweight department if he can prove qualified of outlasting among the era"s greatest stars in front of his hometown fans.

Let"s check out every one of the vital details for the extremely anticipated clash, including how to watch the activity in the joined States. That"s followed by a preview the the encounter under Under.

U.S. City hall Information

Where: Suncorp stadion in Brisbane, Australia


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When: Saturday, July 1 in ~ 9 p.m. ET

Watch: ESPN

Live Stream: WatchESPN

Odds: Pacquiao -650, Horn +475 (via OddsShark)

Fight Preview

Pacquiao and also Horn come into the fight with totally different motivations.

Pac-Man is out to prove he"s still among the ideal fighters in the world. Mundane victories over Timothy Bradley and also Jessie Vargas weren"t enough to shake off his lackluster showing versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the superfight that didn"t come all over close to matching the hype.

The 38-year-old Filipino sensation is a heavy-hitting battler indigenous the minute the opening bell rings, and also he"s taken on the methods that will certainly present, per Grantlee Kieza the the Courier-Mail.

"I love come brawl," Pacquiao said. "It"s walking to be a war. I"m expecting him come come within close come me, fighting toe-to-toe and also I"m all set for that. Ns love to fight aggressive fighters. I arrangement to win and also a knockout is a bonus."

Meanwhile, Horn must technique the bout together if it"s his just chance to break into mainstream boxing consciousness, which it could be. A poor showing against an aging Pac-Man will cause the Aussie"s stock to drop after a 16-0-1 start to his career.

Phil Lutton that the Sydney Morning Herald noted the 29-year-old Brisbane aboriginal is i was sure the 10-point plan provided by trainer glenn Rushton will yield an uncomfortable victory.

Ultimately, Pacquiao is the clear favorite for an excellent reason. His track document is lot stronger and, even at this stage of his career, he"s the more complete fighter. He should have the ability to control the speed from start to finish if he wants to display he"s quiet in the upper echelon.

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Pac-Man"s absence of dominance—his last knockout victory came in 2009—does leave the door open up for an upset. It would certainly take a mistake-free power or one important perfect punch in order for Horn to have his hand elevated in the end, though.