Mary Todd Lincoln quotes share vivid moments in she life that led to her much grief and pain. It was clear that many an initial Ladies have had a unstable life in the early years of American politics. Women prefer Martha Washington and Dolly Madison faced many difficulties in your day consisting of war. Life for mary was no various as she confronted war in she time.

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Mary Ann Todd Licncoln was the wife of the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln. She stopped using the surname Ann after she sister to be born and given the name was offered to her. She also eventually stooped making use of her last name once she was married, however it it seems to be ~ the surname still stuck together she is remembered by both names. Listed below are a variety of her quotes.

Quote #2

“In grief, words are poor consolation - quiet & agonizing tears space all the is left the sufferer."

Quote #3

“So you space on safety to-night -- on security in the White residence after helping to murder the President."

Quote #4

“When i can lug myself to realize that he has indeed happen away, my inquiry to myself is, ‘can life be endured?"

Quote #5

“I have no expect of the re-election that Mr. Lincoln. The canvass is a boil one, the people begin to murmur in ~ the war, and every vile fee is brought versus my husband."

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“He is a butcher and also is no fit to be in ~ the head of one army. Yes, he normally manages to case a victory, yet such a victory! He loser two guys to the enemy"s one. He has actually no management, no regard for life."

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“I think the doctors would specifically like to keep one in bed. The love of money, is the root of every evil."

Quote #9

“...my angry genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry "til a more convenient season..."

Quote #10

“My husband, go the an excellent work the the war, however Grant, had all the pecuniary compensation."

Quote #11

“Clouds and also darkness surround us, yet sky is just, and also the job of triumph will certainly surely come, once justice and truth will certainly be vindicated. Our wrongs will certainly be make right, and also we will once an ext taste the blessings of freedom, of i beg your pardon the degraded rebels would deprive us."

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Quote #12“I would rather marry a an excellent man, a male of mind, v a hope and also bright future ahead for position, fame and also power than to marry every the houses, gold and bones in the world."

Quote #13“Tell me, how deserve to I live there is no my Husband any type of longer? This is my an initial awakening thought each morning, and also as ns watch the tide of the stormy lake under our home windows I periodically feel I should like to go under them."