“Sail” is AWOLNATION’s signature sleeper hit.Despite its minimal lyrics and its abrasive tone, that is “SAIL!” exclamation and stormy environment eventually gathered fans.The… review More 
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Sail!This is just how I present my loveI made that in my mind becauseI blame that on mine ADD, babyThis is just how an point of view diesI blame the on my very own sick prideBlame it on mine ADD, babySail!Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail!Maybe I have to cry for helpMaybe I need to kill myselfBlame it on my ADD, babyMaybe I'm a different breedMaybe I'm not listeningSo blame that on my ADD, baby
Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail!La la la la la la, oh!La la la la la la, oh!Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail!Sail v me right into the darkSail!Sail v me into the darkSail!Sail v me into the darkSail!Sail through me, sail with meSail!
“Sail” is AWOLNATION’s signature sleeper hit.

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Despite the minimal lyrics and also its abrasive tone, that “SAIL!” exclamation and stormy environment eventually gathered fans.

The tune debuted at #89 in the warm 100 in 2011, yet then dropped the end after 20 weeks, but then re-entered the charts in 2013. It ultimately reached a new peak in ~ #17, and ended up spending end a year top top the charts in its second run.

It also holds a distinction for a fanmade video being significantly much more popular 보다 the main video.

The first four chords room the very same as Foreigner’s “Cold together Ice"— a minor 6th chord, plus the fourth, adhered to by a minor 6th chord, in the exact same rhythm. The songs climate diverge.

Aaron Bruno says it’s not a Foreigner sample, though.

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You’re the second person come ask me the in the critical week. It’s not true. Ns don’t also know what that tune is, I’ll need to go earlier and hear to it


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medtox.org Answer1 contributor
In a 2011 e-mail interview, frontman Aaron Bruno confesses:

I never ever before expected “Sail” to it is in on the radio, or any kind of other tune necessarily, I just hoped the there to be other people as strange together me the they would probably relate to the struggle and also passion of this record. I always want to create the best songs ns am qualified of.


Megalithic Symphony (2011)
Written By
Aaron Bruno
Recorded At
Red Bull record Studio
Release Date
November 8, 2010
Sampled In
Sail by Machine Gun Kelly, Sail (Freestyle) by King Pin & A.D.D. By Kyle Coglitore
Cover By
Sail by DevilDriver (Ft. Mary Whitman), Sail by Macy Gray & Sail by Jonathan Young (Ft. Lee Albrecht)
Remixed By
Sail (TDE Remix) by AWOLNATION (Ft. Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar), Sail (Borgore pop the sweating I'm sailing Remix) by AWOLNATION, Sail (Dan the Automator Remix) by AWOLNATION, Sail (Feed Me Remix) by AWOLNATION, Giro di notte (Awolnation Remix) by Gemitaiz, Sail (Rap Remix) by AWOLNATION (Ft. Machine Gun Kelly) & Chyba Coś Nie Tak (Awolnation - Sail RMX) by Czeski
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