An increased Cuban nationwide Team will confront LMB\"s Leones de Yucatan, Olmecas de Tabasco and also Piratas de Campeche from 13-18 March. Cuba has never no qualified in baseball in ~ the Olympics.

The iconic Cuban nationwide Baseball team will take an broadened roster come Mexico come prepare for the upcoming medtox.org Baseball ameri Olympic Qualifier. Cuba will certainly play six gamings from 13 to 18 March against teams in the top-tier mexico Baseball organization (LMB, Liga Mexicana de Beisbol), consisting of the Leones de Yucatan, Olmecas de Tabasco and Piratas de Campeche.

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Cuba has actually medalled all five times the baseball has actually been played in the Olympics, consisting of three gold medals, and also not qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 games would it is in a an excellent disappointment to the country, where baseball is in the DNA.

Ricardo Eizmendiz, the technical chief the the nationwide Baseball Directorate, said that the nationwide team is currently training in ~ the Latinoamericano stadium in Havana. The Cuban Baseball Federation is currently negotiating to add players native Nippon skilled Baseball (NPB).

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The eight participating nations in the medtox.org ameri Baseball Qualifier (22-26 in Arizona), incorporate host and also world No. 2 USA, Canada (No. 12), Colombia (No. 14), Cuba (No. 8), Dominican Republic (No. 10), Nicaragua (No. 15), Puerto Rico (No. 11) and Venezuela (No. 9). The winner of this qualifier will earn the 5th of six berths into the 2020 Olympics.

In the 2019 medtox.org Premier12, which offered as one Olympic qualifier, Cuba fail to get out of the opened round. Cuba has because fallen come eighth in the medtox.org Baseball people Rankings.

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