It has numerological definition too, being the very first of the “Master Numbers.” A an excellent blues number, offered its colloquial reputation together the “old soul” number.

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And over there is of course the inevitable Nigel Tufnel “one louder” …

Plus, it’s the value of the Ace. RIP Lemmy.

And over there is of course the end-of-days urgency, the 11th hour. (An beforehand review of my very first album said I sung as if i was around to expire at any type of minute. Ns loved the review, and also remain proud that it to this day. I favor to think ns sing favor it’s the 11th hour …)

And over there are, that course, 11 songs on the new Preacher boy album, “The nationwide Blues.”

Which brings me to Mississippi man Hurt. My very first Country Blues hero.

Narrowing under a list of his song to a group of favorites is not unlike limiting her breaths come an A list. You can’t really carry out it. They’re every necessary.

But, in honor of the number 11, ns am nevertheless going to current to girlfriend a list of what are indisputably the 11 best Mississippi john Hurt songs. There deserve to be no doubt this list is 100% accurate, objective, and also correct. You’re gonna choose it. I guarantee it.

Without further ado, in alphabetical order:

The 11 biggest Mississippi man Hurt Songs:

Ain’t nobody’s dirty business

It’s in the crucial of C, which for my money is Mississippi John’s money key. It’s native the 1928 sessions, which are to be considered the canonical recordings. And also it’s simply brilliant.

Avalon blues

Without this song, we likely would have been robbed of many an ext wonderful years of Mississippi john Hurt’s music. Say thanks to you us Postal Service, because that making certain that fateful letter make it come Avalon.

Candy man

The tune is rightly taken into consideration a etc tour-de-force. They’re mostly forgettable lyrics, and honestly, it’s not my favorite Mississippi man song. But it’s just too tough to deny the sound the the guitar on this cut.

Coffee blues

The Lovin’ Spoonful. Say no more. The song has gone into our folklore. The bit about Maxwell home from the live variation on Vanguard is precious the price of join …

Got the blues and also I can’t be satisfied

A terrible example of the nuanced and also utterly singular method in which Hurt might deliver pathos and also joy in the exact same song. Never have whiskey and murder sound so jaunty.

I shall not be moved

I encompass this for personal reasons. It’s constantly been mine mother’s favourite Mississippi man song, and it’s currently my daughter’s. My missus and I sing her to sleep through it.

Let the mermaids flirt v me

A criminally overlooked masterpiece because that which Mississippi john gets significant songwriting credit.

Louis Collins

Such a beautiful lyric, set to such a beautiful melody: “Miss Collins weep, miss out on Collins moan/to see her kid Louis leavin’ home/Oh, the angels laid him away.”

Richland females blues

Pound because that pound, perhaps his best song. Killer lyric, both sly and also poetic. Killer guitar part; bouncin’, swingin’, and bluesy. Entirely masterful vocal. The Alpha and the Omega of American roots music.

Sliding delta

Personal reasons again. The very first Mississippi John track I ever before heard, and also the tune that launched me top top what is to date a 3o+ years-and-counting love affair with this music.


The canonical murder ballad. THE critical version.

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If you do nothing else because that the human being today, please simply play some Mississippi man Hurt music through speakers, so that this music start our environment anew. We’ll all be the much better for it.