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"She Don"t tell Me To" is a tune written by Tom Shapiro, Bob DiPiero and Rivers Rutherford, and also recorded by American nation music duo Montgomery Gentry. It to be released in October 2005 together the only solitary from their best hits album titled Something to be Proud Of: The ideal of 1999-2005.

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Every currently an" then, on mine homeI stop at a spot where the wild flowers grow, an" I pick a fewCause she don"t tell me toI walk out through my boys all rightBut most of the moment I contact it a night before they doCause she don"t tell me toSunday mornin", I"m in churchAn" my butt an" my earlier an" necktie hurt, yet I"m in the pewShe don"t call me toAny other woman I know would have actually triedTo manage me and also it would certainly be overBlame the on mine goin" on my own means attitudeAll of the stubbornness melts awayWhen ns wake v her head on mine shoulderAn" I know I"ve obtained to love herUntil mine life is throughCause she don"t phone call me toWell, I gained demons and I"ve obtained prideBut when I"m wrong, ns apologize choose she"s mine come loseCause she don"t tell me toWell, ns got dreams in this love of mineBut nothin" that i wouldn"t lay aside if she inquiry me toCause she don"t tell me toAn" she don"t also knowThat she keeps lookin" for the following right thing to doCause she don"t call me toYeah, yeahAny other woman I understand would have actually triedTo control me and it would certainly be overBlame that on mine goin" on my own way attitudeAnd every one of that stubbornness melts awayWhen ns wake with her head on my shoulderAn" I recognize I"ve acquired to love herUntil my life is throughWhat else have the right to I doWhat else deserve to I doWhoa, i love herCause she don"t phone call me toShe don"t phone call me toEvery currently an" then, on my homeI stop at a spot where the wild flower grow, an" I choose a fewYes ns do

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Montgomery Gentry Montgomery Gentry is an American country music duo written of vocalists Eddie Montgomery and also Troy Gentry, both natives that Kentucky. The two started performing in the 1990s as part of two different bands v Montgomery"s brother, john Michael Montgomery. Back Gentry won a talent challenge in 1994, he rejoined with Eddie Montgomery after Gentry to be unable to uncover a solo document deal, and Montgomery Gentry was established in 1999. The duo is recognized for its southerly rock influences, and has collaborated through Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, 5 for Fighting and members of The Allman brothers Band. Much more »