Ms. Pac-Man: search for the golden Maze

Developer: creature LabsPublishers: InfogramesPlatform: WindowsReleased in US: October 12, 2001

This video game has unused graphics.

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Ms. Pac-Man is suddenly a sweetheart hunter, and goes to an old pyramid to find... The golden maze.

Unused Graphics


Inside the Intro95 folder from the disc room graphics for company logos. One intro FMV was later included and used instead, rendering these unused.


Everything in ImagesEditor is unused, and is a remnant the a level editor.


ModelsCutScene has actually a bunch that unused textures because that a clapperboard. They"re just labeled act 1-3, yet there"s 7 files. The remainder are duplicates.



Images/FE/test.png is a strange picture which appears to be a rocket explode sprite from Quake III Arena through bars bring away out.

Unused Font


font8x8.tga is an unused font, the same one supplied in a lot of early on arcade and console games.

Early Ms. Pac-Man Texture


MPM ingame 02.tga is an early texture because that Ms. Pac-Man.

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Unused Loading Screen


ImagesFEpage9.tga is one unused loading screen. When the game first loads, it"s just plain text.

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