Has anyone used the Mecha system from this game? I understand it is a tiny obscure however I'm very familiar with Mutants and Masterminds, therefore I want to use this sourcebook for a Mecha campaign. Seems favor it have to be pretty funny too, lately I have actually been making use of a cost-free program referred to as Lego Digital designer to do mechs for the campaign. Anyways if anyone has imput or maybe had good luck with other mech systems let me know, thanks!


It is pretty cool, but only if you want Anime style Mecha.

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For me mechs have always been much more like the Battletech setting, or the original world Gundam stuff. And also not so much Gundam soup or other contemporary anime mecha. Yet if you want that climate it is a an excellent system for it.

What is about Mecha that draws you toward the setting?

Oh I prefer Western style mechs too. I'm a pan of Armored main point but additionally Mechwarrior and even the robots native Warhammer 40k.

My brothers is really right into the anime style like Evangelion and also stuff, yet mostly ns envision the campaign style being a cross in between Mechwarrior and Armored core (one faction uses useful robots since they space capitalistic and also strive to have actually the ideal for the price, the various other is more about having really well trained soldiers and will pay the price for it). Mostly though ns am currently comfortable through M&M and this is the just Mecha book for it! despite you could make one out of a battlesuit it seems favor it would be type of annoying.

I would absolutely reccomend it. The Mecha building system is pretty straight forward(as right forward together a video game like MnM can be) and you never have to worry about how fucking crazy her Mechs are due to the fact that in a world full lava-spouting mad men and killer robot weeaboos no one can really use the hatchet 'broken'

Thanks! I've made a huge evil robot because that MnM making use of the battlesuit rules however the rules because that Mecha in Mecha and also Manga seem much easier to occupational with.

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Mecha and also Manga is a an excellent supplement. Really flavorful, with fun rules for several genres typically connected with anime/manga. The covers all kinds of mechas, clearly (with rules for personalizing them and also building her own), but also goes into detail covering martial arts activity (whether it's gritty street games to kung fu movie inspired activity to tournament battles come wuxia epics to video game/Street Fighter style games, come Dragonball Z format cosmos smashing martial art adventure), magic girl series, teen/high institution adventures/drama/romance, pet trainer stories (Pokemon), and also others I'm probably forgetting. Too many of good uses for an abilities and powers, and some really wonderful feats, both for combat and non-combat situations. It also offers some great info for transforming the ton of M&M games to fit specific genres (comedy, action, drama, even horror). Best of all, all of this product is obviously all set to drop into any M&M setup you have actually ready come go, so that isn't tied to any certain anime/manga tone, if that isn't her thing.