Telling an effective stories in hourlong episodes, TLC follows medical journeys the morbidly obese civilization as they effort to conserve their own lives. The featured people -- each weighing an ext than 600 pounds -- face lifelong emotional and also physical struggles as they do the courageous decision to experience high-risk gastric bypass surgery. In addition to drastically an altering their appearances, they expect to reclaim their independence, mend relationships v friends and also family, and also renew their feelings that self-worth.

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Season 6 illustration 26 - Lupe & Brittani

Brittani has actually lost over 400 lbs. In 2 years. As part of her following chapter, will she and also Bill begin to arrangement to expand their family? Lupe has actually struggled due to the fact that surgery. Having actually left her husband, will certainly she finally start to do permanent alters she needs? Air day : 18th-Jul-2018

My 600-lb Life - Season : 6

Season 6 episode 1 - Rena & Lee"s Story

After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena are battling health and anger problems while making a desperate, 2nd attempt to save their lives. Air date : 10th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 2 - Janine"s Story

A woman whose extreme obesity has left her nearly immobile must overcome both her physical and emotional ache if she is ever to live a typical life again. Air day : 17th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 3 - Alicia"s Story

A dedicated girlfriend and loving aunt, Alicia is all smiles and laughter top top the outside, however on the inside she is terrified that her addiction to food will certainly kill her before she can marry she long-time love or watch her nieces flourish up. Air day : 24th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 4 - Liz"s Story

Air day : 31st-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 5 - Karina"s Story

A woman through two kids weighs much more than 600 pounds, so she agrees to walk on an extreme brand-new diet, however her weight-loss initiatives are threatened by she debilitating habits and a child’s wellness emergency. Air day : 7th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 6 - James B."s Story

James LB Bonner invested his at an early stage life trying come prove self to his adoptive family, however after shedding a leg and also battling obesity, LB must take a brand-new path to save his health and his family relationships. Air date : 14th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 7 - Lisa"s Story

Lisa"s battle with she weight starts as a child and also significantly aggravates after witnessing her brother"s murder; currently bedridden and unable to treatment for herself, she must lose the weight or she will never ever see her grandchildren prosper up. Air date : 21st-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 8 - Roberts Story

Now bedridden and unable to treatment for herself, Lisa must discover a means to shed the weight or she will never see her grandchildren thrive up. Air date : 28th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - Tamy Lyn"s Story

After years of a tumultuous connection with her husband, Tamy"s eating addiction reasons her load to balloon over 500 pounds; she becomes a hermit after years of shame and hopes to restart her life therefore she can much better care for she son, Zachary. Air date : 7th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - Benji & David"s Story

Fearing that he"ll suffer the very same fate as older brother David, now 700 pounds and also unable to work, Benji hopes to be able to support both himself and his brother on their life-or-death load loss journey. Air date : 14th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 11 - Renee"s Story

A former plus-size model and also "big is beautiful" advocate, Renee realizes the mortal mistakes she made together her load swells come 600 pounds and her wellness crumbles. Air day : 21st-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 12 - Sarah"s Story

A 24-year-old mrs weighs an ext than 600 pounds and is fighting for her life after ~ a difficult childhood through an abusive stepfather and also drug-addicted mother. Air day : 28th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 13 - Schenee"s Story

Devastated by two miscarriages due to her weight, Schenee is desperate to start a family and also stop relying on her husband, Freddie, come take care of her; she wishes weight loss surgical procedure will be able to fix her fertility issues and also her marriage. Air day : 4th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 14 - Jennifer & Marissa"s Story

Jennifer and her daughter, Marissa, space stuck in a co-dependent connection that put both the their resides in jeopardy, with a merged weight of an ext than 900 pounds; Jennifer strives to regain control before it"s also late. Air date : 11th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 15 - Bettie Jo & Susan

A 400-lb. Woman learns that she"s pregnant, however wonders if she"ll have the ability to deliver the infant without complications; a mrs who shed 400 pounds is in a relationship, but it could be in jeopardy once her weight-loss trip stalls. Air day : 18th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 16 - Melissa Morris

Melissa has actually lost 500 pounds and also saw her weight drop come 137 pounds, yet now faces marital problems and life together a single mom, every while struggling with a gain of 150 pounds. Air date : 25th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 17 - Where are They Now? - One Ton household (1)

Air date : 2nd-May-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 18 - Where are They Now? - One Ton family (2)

Air day : 9th-May-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 19 - Kandi & Brandi

Air date : 23rd-May-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 20 - Erica

Air day : 30th-May-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 21 - Diana & Ashley R

Air day : 6th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 22 - James & Cynthia

Air day : 20th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 23 - James & Cynthia

Back top top Dr. Nowzaradan"s program, James is suspected of cheating together he proceeds to get weight and also suffers a collection of life-threatening illnesses; Cynthia continues to lose weight however seems satisfied to execute so at her very own pace. Air day : 20th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 24 - Doug

Losing end 200 pounds, Doug is now an active component of his family"s lives and also inspires a healthier lifestyle for lock all. However, Doug"s eating disorder and also trouble detect his own identity threaten come derail his progress. Air day : 27th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 25 - Nicole & Ashley D.

Ashley access time an emotional wall and is desperate for skin surgery, however she is not losing any type of weight. After gift evicted, Nicole is compelled to move back to Ohio, i m sorry could impact her load loss journey. Air date : 11th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 26 - Lupe & Brittani

Brittani has actually lost over 400 lbs. In 2 years. As part of her following chapter, will certainly she and also Bill start to arrangement to expand their family? Lupe has actually struggled since surgery. Having actually left her husband, will certainly she finally start to do permanent transforms she needs? Air day : 18th-Jul-2018Read More

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